Friday, 1 November 2013

SolaDunn's styling tips for a simple WHITE TEE!

Hey friends, how are you! Its another full fashion and style article today. Hope your week wasn't stressful? I had a blast (my boss was off on official duty abroad so oh boy, not too much work abeg, danced skelewu all tru. Lol). Now, back to fashion. Am sure a couple of you might be wondering why i chose a 'plain white Tee' as our style apparel during the style challenge that went down a while back - shout out to all the contestants again, you all were FABULOUS! Well, i chose that particular apparel because it is considered as a 'major' wardrobe staple in fashion (i don't believe there's actually any woman...well, fashionable woman on the surface of the earth that doesn't own one). For me likewise, i see it as one of the most versatile pieces any fashionista can ever work with. It can be dressed up, dressed down, urban, chic, ghetto, classy and you think of it! 

My styling tips - I can confidently tell you that as easy as working with simple pieces may be, if not careful, your execution may go terribly wrong. Therefore, one important thing you must note when styling a white Tee (or any simple pieces for that matter), is to 'BE PRECISE' and 'DON'T MIX CONCEPTS'. Be precise at what you are set out to achieve and make whatever you're pairing it with pop.

For instance, if you want a girly look, wear a pretty or interesting skirt. If you're going for a more demure look, wear a sleek denim that emphasizes you figure. If you're going for a classy look, choose an edgy Tee and so on. Another tip is that - do not make Tee to tight and if you want to switch things up, choose a Vneck and make sure its soft cotton fabric. I have further broken down a few interpretations below.

A girly look - This is a very feminine look so wear a lovely pencil skirt and preferably tuck in.

1. Classy - Ever thought you couldn't wear a Tee to dinner, red carpet or any formal outing? Then think again!

2. An edgy look - For the more fierce fashionista, a cropped Tee like what Rihanna or Kristen are wearing is an absolute stunner!

3. Colored pants - A white Tee is exactly what you need to balance out an eye catching pant/denim. Colored pants are beautiful but be careful not to over-experiment when going down this road. Keep things basic.

4. Prints - Its been ruling the world of fashion for a couple of seasons now. Choose interesting patterns and the Tee is sure to calm things down. 

5. Urban - When you are out and about or just running errands, pair your Tee with a sleek denim and if you want you keep things a bit classy, wear a sky high stiletto.

6. Feeling leggy - Shorts look fantastic with Tees. They elevate the simple apparel for hmmmm to WOW! Please remember, you must have a nice pair of limbs tho. Lol!

7. African - Be proud of your heritage and preach Africa. 

Wear prints in pants, skirts, short and whatever. 

Your are African so flaunt prints, Prints 

and even more prints.

Remember, the most important tip to keep at the back of your mind while styling a simple white Tee (or any simple apparel) is to 'be precise', don't mix concepts and most importantly be confident. It is only with confidence you can pull off simple pieces and make them appear chic and effortless.

I love you for reading. Remember to hookup with me on twitter @soladunn and let's keep the conversation going.

Stylishly yours,


  1. FYI, ankara Ȋ̝̊̅§ not African º°˚....adire Ȋ̝̊̅§...ankara Ȋ̝̊̅§ Asian I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ if they want †Φ be proud of their African origin, we can talk of kente, adire, aso-oke....etc...

  2. Nice post. Will be wearing only white tees for 3 solid weeks starting from next week Tuesday. I wonder how I will style white shirt, white socks and white canvas. I don't think they allow accessories in camp. God help me!

    1. Congrats dear! Don't worry, your jungle boots will do the magic. I wore mine all through then *winks*

  3. I like J. Lo's Skirt
    one word Lovely!

  4. I love u for sharing

  5. Tanx sola 4 dis tip,I can see kristen rockin my kinda sneakers*big smile*

  6. U r rily good Sola

  7. Sola. Striped tees are the new white. Get up to date jor. Meanwhile my backless bra ooooo. I'm still waiting madam Sola

  8. Very helpful and timely post. Well done.
    Sola, pls how can i send u a mail?

  9. U re jonzing u knw that sola,how will u be a blogger if u don't give current updates,I used 2 like ur blog but u dey fall hand big time.couple up or shut it down!

    1. Are you kidding me?
      She has a full time job and still has time to blog and you dare complain?
      Why don't you try blogging nd see then you can judge her or any other blogger for that matter!