Saturday, 16 November 2013

Jessica Biel's turquoise under eye liner - yay or yay

Talk about wearing summer in spring and aside the fact that she looked smoking hot while making a appearance a few days ago, Mrs Timberlake (Jessica Biel) made a bold beauty statement wearing this gorgeous turquoise under eye liner. Boy, i just cant seem to get enough of it - i love, love, love it! How about you? would you try? BTW, no typo up there peeps, just me being over certain *winks*. See more pictures as worn by celebrities and fashionistas below

Kind of greenish on Rihanna hey, regardless, i just got myself one today. Would you try?


  1. yep yep yep! have them sef

  2. Luv u @ yay or yay......lolz. Hu wldnt wanna rock t.