Wednesday, 25 December 2013

5 tips you shouldn't steal from Halima Abubakar's look!

To be honest, i really don't know much about Halima Abubakar but from the little i've read, she's an actress right? Anyways, she instagramed a pic of herself in an M slit long sleeve fitted red dress a few days ago and it got the infamous style question ringing in my head - WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? There's obviously a whole lot wrong with this look right here so for the benefit of those who are looking to step up their style game in the new year, here are a few tips you don't want to steal from this look!

1. If you don't have a well toned bod, keep off, i repeat, KEEP OFF cut-out clothes. Putting your major flaws up on display has never been fashionable. How dare you put those flabs out girl! Seriously now?

2. Never over accessorize. Accessories are meant to compliment and NOT compete with your clothes. From the bib necklace to the cuf bangle, wrist watch and rings.........way too stuffed!

3. When you're wearing an 'M' slit dress, the main concept is to emphasize your legs. Furthermore, if you're a short lady as Halima here, the goal should be how to make your legs look longer for the dress to be most flattering.  To achieve that, you don't wear shoes like what she's got on here (not that its so bad). Instead, you opt for ankle strap stilettos or sandals - they elongate your legs better. BTW, i think a nice gold or champagne colored footwear would have looked better.

4. Too much weave makes you look fake. Yes, weaves are every woman's best friend but sincerely, you've got to agree with me there's just too much on Halima's head (always has been). There are a lot of quality 'natural' looking weaves in stores and am pretty sure Halima is more than 'bigz' to purchase one. *Deep sigh* 

5. Except you're Miley Cyrus, never stick your tongue out when taking a picture. It doesn't look sexy! Believe me.

I get where she was going with this look however, the execution was terrible. I do like her makeup though! Wait a minute, did i write up there i didn't know Halima? Oh, now i remember, i honored her with my 'weave queen' award just a few weeks back. Lol!

Hope you've grabbed one or two lessons fron this ladies.

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  1. wat is rong wif dis her dress na? abeg free dis gal n stop heating on her.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I ova grabbed especially how to to make ur legs look taller in dat outfit,I love this post,its soo professional,it cracked me up as well,

  3. Nobody said the dress isn't beautiful..the point is that the dress is not for Halima Abubakar.. so many things went wrong with the styling,from he flabby body to the accessories and her choice of shoes didn't work as well.. I totally agree with sola not becox Its her blog but she just said it how it is... I sometimes disagree with sola but on this I'm with her..Thumbs up sola

  4. @ jauntysmilez
    U nor get eye

    D problm I hav wit halima baby is jus her weaves

    + she haznt found d style dt fits her

    Gone r d days of lookn razz

    #clazzy on point

    #rock gurl#

  5. Babe, I used to think u re all up there when it comes to fashion until when u did a post abt Genevieve wit her slippers boobs en u said she is ok displayn them en my tot then was ur first point here.u dress to compliment ur looks en not to display ur flaws .pls dont be biased in ur posts

  6. She luvs accessories, I wonder what she was thinking. With dat side tire she has dia, girl u no try at aaaalllllll.

  7. She luvs accessories, I wonder what she was thinking. With dat side tire she has dia, girl u no try at aaaalllllll.

  8. She luvs accessories, I wonder what she was thinking. With dat side tire she has dia, girl u no try at aaaalllllll.

  9. I agreee with you Sola. Compliments of the Season

  10. Very tacky as always. Its not about how long your weave is or how big it is halima. Its supposed to look like ur hair! Pls change your hair stylist.