Saturday, 14 December 2013

Black beauty, Lupita Nyong'o stunning in head to toe RED!

To be totally open, i've always been fashion cautious about wearing red because i feel the contrast with my really dark skin tone would be unflattering so i usually go for other bright hues except for red (which BTW is a fabulous color). However, upon spotting rising fashion icon Lupita Nyong'o today in her regal Elie Saab dress with matching pumps, gosh, my hope came to life! Her head to toe look is simply class and perfection at its peek. I'm so inspired by it that now i can confidently go to the mall and purchase a total red ensemble for Christmas. What do you think about her look guys? More picture below

She's such a fantastic dresser, proving fashion versus skin tone wrong in various guises, from black dresses to classic red lips, she does it all

Incredibly beautiful black woman isn't she now!

What are your thoughts about her fashion?


  1. Black is beautiful

  2. Sola darl, hmmm I'm darker than she is and RED is my favourite colour.... people say I'm obsessed with red and I already told dem if u are not wearing red, den u r not coming to my wedding!!!! *dontmindme*.... jux to let u know red is a beautiful colour for dark skinned people!!!

  3. It's ok.thou I am not a dark person but anyways I will pass d info on.........

  4. Soladunn..I love your blog so much..I'm now an addict..keep up the goodwork. God bless you. Hareenola