Wednesday, 4 December 2013

See full pictures from the Kardashian's Kristmas card! Hate it or Love it?

Now this is creepy, asin creepy in a very weird way and i'm not liking these photos from any imaginable concept they might have had. I learnt the idea was to depict some sort of futuristic world or something. From naked mannequins to Illuminati signs, its just really See what i mean below

Mr. Jenner trapped in a tunnel while Kris throws it up at the bar, poor Mason probably over exhausted from the shoot and 

oh well, Kim just being Kim

The younger sisters, i just don't get it. Kendal looks really good in curly hair though. BTW, can you spot the 'Illuminati' pyramid behind Kendal?

What to you think about these pictures guys? Hate it or Love it? My opinion, I HATE IT!


  1. I hate it as well... Its just plain stupid!
    What a waste of $250k.

  2. Illuminaty tinz.lookin @ that pyramid.eyes of horess.