Sunday, 15 December 2013

What will the 'hair for the season' be? I have mine already!

Just in case you don't pay keen attention, year in and out, there is usually a distinct hair style that rocks during the festive period (apart from the infamous braids of course). Following the trend for about 5 years now, i've seen hair styles such as locks (extensions), pixie cuts, bangs, Bohemian twists and African weaving have their moments as 'the hair for the season' at this particular time of the year . So for 2013, while am yet to really figure out what exactly it will be, i already have a favorite and it is called the MONGOLIAN hair extension (super curly). See fabulous pictures below

I've already spotted it on a couple of fashion forward Nigerian celebrities like Agbani Darego and Genevieve Nnaji this year. Internationally, Kelly Rowland is always fabulous whenever she decides to go down that lane.

It a quality hair extension with really deep tiny curls. I do not know so much about it (just the name and what it looks like) but a friend of mine got hers done recently and now i'm seriously obsessed. Hopefully, i'll be able to get my hands on one just in time for Christmas. Personally, i like the length a bit longer, say a couple of inches below my shoulders (so i can do all the serenren sisi wengele flipping over stuff). Lol!

P.S: If you're into hair, please give me a shout via email ( I'd like to purchase one.

What do you think about the Mongolian curly hair guys? I'm love struck! Lol! Do you have any new hair style rocking in your area that you'd like to experiment with this festive season? Lets hear from you.

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  1. I love love love big hair. So sisterly once uve got deets, pls let us know.

  2. You got this spot on.
    Big curly hair is sooo in right now.
    The bigger the better!
    It looks good on anyone even me!

    Contact Oma for your virgin human hair at the most affordable price (2AF625AA). If u do, tell her I told u about it and you would get a discount. :D

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