Thursday, 5 December 2013

Goodness - Is Kate Middleton even human? Plus when did she wear it better?

OMG!!! Sometimes i doubt if this woman is real! I mean, can royalty look any better! How divine does the ever elegant Duchess of Cambridge 'Kate Middleton' look at the London red carpet for the royal film performance of Mandela: Walt To Freedom? And that neck piece from Zara, #Dead! What do you think about this look guys? I'm just speechless. Classy meets elegance meets modern meets sophisticated............. Another face-off pic below.

Whats really cool about this dress is that she's worn it before. Yup, she wore it in 2012 but styled differently. Which of the looks do you prefer? I kinda like the 2012 look - hair down and those sandals are the ish. Thoughts?


  1. She's so damn pretty..if she a whole duchess can repeat her outfit,who can't???.#perfection

  2. She's always breathe taking!
    A duchess repeated an outit!
    The world makes sense again!
    I prefer the 2012 look tho.

  3. I love her style and the fact she repeats her clothes is definitely a breathe of fresh air. You forgot to add that she's always dressed decently. I love her.

  4. She looks cool in both .