Monday, 2 December 2013

If you're ever in doubt, wear YELLOW!

Yellow is gradually becoming a red carpet pro color. That's stunning Alicia Keys in Stella McCartney a few days back and i think she totally nailed this look (apart from the statement necklace that is). We've seen a couple of celebrities in the past bag awards for best dresses mostly in yellow. Examples are Angelina Jolie, Toolz (i just let the cat out of the bag on that one hey, lol), Tiwa savage, Kate Middleton, Solange amongst others. 

It was a huge trend in Hollywood this year (2013)

Nollywood wasn't left out as well! 

From all these stunning looks, i guess its safe to say - yellow is one color you can't go wrong with when it comes to red carpets right!

Surprisingly, the very bright and beautiful hue isn't just for red carpets alone, it is beautiful and transforms the most casual looks. It is chic in blazers/jackets,




bikini' think of it. One amazing thing i particularly love about yellow is the fact that it is complimentary to every skin tone provided you get pick out the appropriate shade. 

Oh, fashionistas like Rita and Tiwa shows us how head to toe yellow wouldn't blind you, Lol!

and am gonna keep saying this till she goes back to her beautiful self - what have you done kanye? Dahm you! Look at how divine Kim looks in this M-slit dress. Perfection!

Have you had any breathe-taking yellow looks this year or has it saved the day in one way or the other for you? Do share your amazing pictures with me on twitter @soladunn and let's get talking........

Stylishly yours,


  1. Rihanna is involved in every fashion trend. Chai that girl, she needs to be raided

  2. Soso... Pls I wanna ask whts d diffrence btw Blazers nd Jackets. If dere ar noticable diffrences, mayb u shud do a post on it. Am reli confused wen I hear Blazers nd Jackets. Tot dey ar same just diffrendt names. Pls respond.

    1. Lol! The main diffrence is - blazers are more formal ( however, when dress down, you may achieve a less formal look) but Jackets are mostly outter wears (informal - they are like a demure version of coats). For instance, what Solange is wearing up there is a blazer but what Keri has on is a Jacket. I hope you get the diffrence now. Xoxo

  3. very beautiful collection.

  4. Sola Darling sorry2 go off topic .pls av bin lookin4 face moisturiser buh I cant get any in d shops av checkd. Pls can u show d pix of Dr miracle product u 1s talked abt?tinaluv.

    1. Errrmm not sure what post i can put that in but it comes in a brown wrapper and the container itself is white with a black cap. Please make inquires before your purchase to be sure how suitable it is with your skin okay. xoxo