Wednesday, 11 December 2013

BRAfication by SolaDunn - Vol 3! (concluding series).

Finally, i get to finish up my series on BRAFICATION (so excited). Thanks to everyone that has followed through. So, from my previous articles, we've had a critical look at 'bras to match various fashionable apparels' as well as 'must have undergarment'. Therefore, on this concluding series, we will be taking a close look at probably the most important factor when it comes to finding the perfect bra - FIT. It is easy for us as women to walk into any store or market and pickup just any kind of bra. For most ladies, as long as it sticks to their chest, its ok. However, this doesn't usually give the most flattering look. There are specific details you need to be on the lookout for whenever you go bra shopping or sizing. Here are a few basic ones i've put together to guide you.

1. Strap - Make sure you go for bras with adjustable straps. Some of these are detachable, others not but regardless the adjustable ones are most ideal. This is because, sometimes you might want to wear low back clothing, tubes or even give your girls a little extra lift. The adjustable straps makes all these easy. Also, bra straps are bound to get loose with regular usage, having them detachable makes replacement possible. 

2. Hook - Okay, very important! Am sure you know by now that most bra hooks come in 3 (vertical). What you do when sizing your bra is to make sure that the bra fits perfectly on you when it is hooked in the very first set of holes (tip). The reason for this is because, as you use your bra frequently, it tends to expand at the sides. Adjusting the hooks inwards therefore becomes necessary to ensure a firm fit. At the long run, this  makes your bra fit better and last a little longer.

3. Waist - If you're a busty or plus size girl, go for wider sides. The same applies for other body types but maybe not as wide. Note that for the best fit/lift, your bra must be parallel from front to back. For instance, we've seen women one too many women wear their bras lower at the front while the back is like 'sky high'. This is very inappropriate. The back of your bra must sit at the same level as the front or a little lower but never higher. 

A little lower but never higher at the back, just as the pic below. Very wrong! Hope you understand!

4. Cup - Please do not buy bras bigger or smaller than your cup size. If you need a push up, get a pushup bra and not a smaller cup bra. If the cup isn't right, your breast are either compressed at the cup, 

too tight at the strap thereby causing pain and discomfort 

or your boobs may end up spilling out from the sides.

Hopefully you've been able to grasp a few knowledge from my BRAFICATION series. You may read through my previous series here Vol 1 and Vol 2. Bras are meant to be comfy so treat yourselves to the right ones.

I love you for reading!

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