Monday, 2 December 2013

I've got some dress and hair suggestions for Tiwa's big day!

Awww!!! She looked incredibly divine in her all white ensemble during the engagement didn't she now. After shocking us this unconventional choice, only one question is left lingering in our minds - which is, what will Tiwa Savage wear on her actual wedding day? We've seen a lot of fabulous dresses in Nigerian entertainment and Miss Kele kele's ceremony is one we are desperately looking forward to.

Because i love Tiwa so much and i know she is going to look every inch angelic that day, i've narrowed down a couple of beautiful dresses that i think will be perfect for banging bod!

Warning - Please Tiwa for the love of God, do not wear a puffy dress! Your body is too incredible to be swallowed up in such designs. Puffy dresses are beautiful, you know, getting your Cinderella moment and all but i'd only advice such designs for young brides mostly with narrow hips - we know Tiwa has got quite a lot of junk in her trunk now. Lol! Another thing is, Tiwa is a beautiful woman in her 30's and an entertainer for that matter, she's been there, seen and done all i don't what to see her in 'too much'. Just keeping things classy should be the target! Looking like Cinderella on her big day might not be the most flattering choice rather - elegance, mature and sophistication should be the words.

Okay now, to the exciting part. Tiwa is a well rounded woman at her lower half that is - great hips, great butt and slim waist so what she needs is to do is accentuate these womanly features. Therefore, i suggest Tiwa wears a form fitting dress - this would be the perfect choice for her body type. All the dresses i've chosen are from bridal week 2013.

1. Vera Wang - Because Tiwa was all white at her engagement (the major attire), that got me guessing she might be a little unconventional with her choice of color. This beautiful structured pale pink Vera Wang dress wouldn't be a bad choice for her. Jessica Beil wore pink during her wedding to JT, so why not? Lol!

2. Jenny Pechkam - gosh, my dream designer for a wedding dress! Rumor has it that she'll be getting married on an island right? This decolletage dress is perfect for a sea side wedding. The embroidery at the waist accentuate her slim mid section and the flare bottom balances out the upper body. Not puffy but enough material to play around with. A floral head band will be the perfect accessory to nail this dress. Kinda like a Grecian princess you know. Lol!

3. Monique Lhuillier - Love the intricate detailing and lace on this dress. The cap sleeve will show off her amazing well toned arms and the body is fitted to below the hips which will accentuate her curves. She'll look gorgeous.

4. Kenneth Pool - Ain't nothing wrong in channeling a little bit of sexy with a tube dress now is it! Perfect detailing and the classy sweet-heart neckline elongates her neck and is just great for a diva such as her.

5. I'm torn between these 2 beautiful dresses. I love the first spaghetti sleeve because of its sheer overlay which is really modern and edgy. The second dress is just elegance at its peak! 

6. Zuhair Murad - OMG!!! Okay, sometimes you make the rules then you break them. Lol! This is the only puffy dress i'd like to see Tiwa in. What's amazing about this dress is that both dresses you're seeing is the same but with and without its lace coat. I mean, if its Zuhair Murad, you've gotta love it hey! 

7. Naeem Khan - laces are in at the moment and traditional for wedding dresses. So, if she might be thinking of going down that lane, this dress is insanely gorgeous.

For the after party/reception -

Carolina Herrera - For an entertainer like Tiwa,  am sure she'll most likely want to get down on the dance floor, this deep cut with feathered hem is absolute perfection. It'll hug her in the right places and accentuate her figure. This other Champagne colored drop back isn't also bad to mix things up.

Hair -

Oh my Gosh!!! Tiwa (and Lola Rae) has got one of the best hairlines i've ever seen, no surprise she won our best hair award. Lol! I'd like not to see too much hair, something laid back, retro and classy. Checkout these classic retro hairdo on Rihanna and tyra Banks.

P.S - don't mind the models unexcited faces in the dresses, i guess that's because they're working ofcos. Lol! With a vivacious spirit, ambiance and great smile, all these dresses will come to life in an instant.

What do you guys think about my suggestions? Which of these dresses would choose for her if given the chance? I know that regardless of what she chooses to wear, one thing is certain, Tiwa is going to wow us on her big day! No contest! 

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  1. Seriously shola*eyes rolling*...what kindda wedding dress is dat

  2. Thinking........still thinking, wld come back to comment later

  3. Is it jst me buh some of dz.ur suggestionz look very borin....dey cld dull ha shine..d hair tho..totally dig..

  4. I agree to d hair do but d styles? HELL NO

  5. Am a huge fan of vera wang.but dt pink dress is a big no! Its so illfitted. Dt zuhair murad's is simply divine.

  6. Am a huge fan of vera wang.but dt pink dress is a big no! Its so illfitted. Dt zuhair murad's is simply divine.

  7. I do reckon wiith Zuhair Murad's piece + d hairdo