Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thinking of pairing your print pants? try out these 11 different ideas!

Its a new season now (Fall) and its time to print n match. By prints, we mean plaid, patterns, animal prints, checkered, florals and pretty much everything. As we all might know, fashion has evolved from the days where there were rules, celebrities like Solange Knowles and the likes have made mixing and matching prints these days are considered as high fashion for the fierce fashionistas. I've put this post together to guide you on a few options when getting into the popular seasons fashion - print mixing!

1. White tops - whites' are basic colors that goes with pretty much everything. Its is safe to calm things down with this approach.


2. Black tops - sequel to what i wrote on white's', black's' are also basic colors and works great with any/everything.

3. tops from the same color family - choose a particular color from your print pant and bring it out (highlight that) with the top you are going to be wearing it with. The minutest colors works best.

4. With denim shirts - jeans are hot at the moment and what you might not know is that they go pretty well with your print pants. Light or dark wash, they all look amazing.

5. Blazers - yes, the ultimate layering piece. If you are going to be wearing basic colors like black or whites, you can add an extra touch of edge by putting a blazer on it.

6. Pop of color - you can either choose a color from your print pants or not but do not stray too far away from it. The contrast of the bright colored top and print pants gives a really beautiful finish.

7. Remember your body proportion - this is very important. If you are heavy at the bottom, choose smaller prints below and bigger prints at the top. Likewise, vice-versa.

8. Head to toe prints - Oh Claire! What a beauty. Yes, you can rock head to toe prints provided you cool everything else down and that applies to accessories and even your makeup.

9. With Stripped tops - for the more edgy fashionista. Just make sure your stripped top is only in 2 colors. I prefer if its white and some other color.

10. With polka dotted tops - only for the very edgy fashionista tho.

11. With animal  and graphic prints - alsi for the VERY and edgy fierce tho, lol!

So there you have it. As i always say, fashion is all about your imagination, its all about creativity, its all about go all out and have fun with it. 

I love your for reading and do share your thoughts. And oh, please remember to calm things line accessories ,makeup and hair down while mixing and matching prints so it doesn't become overwhelming....................

For all you fashion fanatics, you can check out Stella Jean, one of my favorite designers that works amazingly with print. Had to just chip in the skirts, i am in love........Lol!

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  1. Oh sola nice post,pls prints are quite scarce,whr cn I get my choice in lagos?

    1. U don't have to get an already made wear. U can use any of ur trad material that has a good print design on it. Its about creativity. The print pants I have is a trad material that I used. Its very nice. Just make sure the prints are nice. Cheers. Sola . Thanks for the post. Was wondering what to wear to the movies this weekend.

    2. Thanks for such fantastic contribution anon. Infact, you've said it all. @ anon (1), thing is, you come by some fashion items by luck however improvising and getting creative just as anon(2) explained is always a better and a more convenient option! Good luck, xoxo

  2. They are really a must have for the season and I like it because it suits any body type.
    I really love d white and bold color on prints, as well as denim.
    Sola, u're da bomb.

    Well done!

  3. Awwwwww*kisses*dont I just love u uhn so good to go on all these baby!!!!

  4. Now I have fallen in love with u

  5. awwwww u are the bomb, i love ur blog alot this post helps me alot thanks

  6. i absolutely love this...everything!!!! Sola u d best :*

  7. Wow, dis is luvly.Sola thumbsssup

  8. Sola nice one. @Anon 08:33 I got my ready made printed pants in balogun market. It baffles me when people who stay in lagos ask wia to get what. I don't stay in lag Oo°˚˚˚°! But there's nothing u want u can't get in balogun market.

  9. Tnx a lot sola... I so love it

  10. Nice post.thumbs up!

  11. pls im heavy at the bottom, what kinda tops can i wear? luvly post Sola.... this is my 1st time here...


    1. Keep these three tips in mind
      1 - do not wear bold prints (opt for tiny prints instead)
      2- Do not wear high neck (it will make you appear wider)
      3- Wear wide necks (i.e V or scoop necks)

      I hope you find these useful.....xoxo