Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Who is your most stylish Kardashian/Jenner sister?

Again, So sorry, so sorry, so sorry, so sorry.....for the unannounced/prolonged absence - my apologies againnnnnnn! (i'll say that in my posts all tru todai, lol). Okay now, judging based on this pic that is. The sisters where spotted at the iheart music festival looking as gorgeous as always. Who's look are you loving most? Moi, i want something each from all - Kendall's top, Khloe's hair, Kort's pants and Kylie's shoes (wow).....lol! lets have your pick......lovely sisters aren't they!


  1. Kendall's legs *whew* and I want her skorts. I see myself rocking Kendall's whole ensemble.....Tomilola

  2. All of khloe, n Kylie's shoes.

  3. I absolutely love Kourtney. Prolly cos we r of d same size! Loll!
    Khloe fashion sense has sky rocketed recently n she keeps killing it.
    I can totally rock her entire outfit!

    1. Dahm right she's got that porshie bootie *winks*

  4. kendall without even thinking it ....dayummm does shorts*lovestruck* ..... oh and kourt's pant is a killer .... khloe and kylie can give theirs to charity

  5. kloe all d way....