Wednesday, 16 October 2013

11 ways to wear one of falls hottest trend - PLAID!

Doesn't plaid just reminds you of those old secondary school days now, lol! Well, am sure by now, a lot you would know its one of the biggest trends of the new season. Every and i mean everyone is wearing it. While we'll have a look at that for the brothers later on, lets see how we fashionable sisters can get our plaid swag tight this season shall we.

1. Tops -

2. Shirts - might want to steal one that belong to your man. Lol!

3. shoes - folake is just killing it hey!

4. Scarfs -

5. Blazers/Jackets - 

6. Skirts - 

7. Dresses - doesn't Emma look AMAZING in that dress and leather jacket!

8. Shorts -  these are incredibly sexy, oh Lea!

9. Pants - 

10. Suits - both skirts and pants

11. Nails -  if you're a lover of nail art, you just want to try this one out.

I want to know, how would you be incorporating plaid into your wardrbe this season. Can't wait to read from you. I love you for reading!

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  1. Love everything.... thanks sola for sharing

  2. Nice, i love plaid, nice 1

    Pls visit for fashion and hair updates

  3. Yaaaaayyyyyy! Av got it in shirt & pants,am so loving plaid short! Signed:#QUEENTY#

  4. nice...

    pls visit for your lattest entertainment news

  5. Not feeling plaid in pants joor. Am loving the others

  6. Not into it.d shorts n pants r managable,but d dress is horrible

  7. Hey sola..hp no probs. Are u tired of blogging ni. U go off for days without new gists.tired of refreshing with nothing new to read. Ko da bayi

    1. sorry would be an understatement if am to use that word lamide. I was on official assignment at a really remote part Ghana and due to its urgency, i couldn't give you guys a heads up. E ma binu nitori olorun. Am done now and back! God bless you!

    2. Lol...awww.welcome back hun

  8. that jacket is really gorgeous & you are a beaut! xx
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