Friday, 11 October 2013

Still tying your wrapper? How about you try knotting!

You might have seen designers like Lanvin and Tiffany amber incorporate this into one or two of their pieces and personally, i think its super cool, atleast finally we have a different approach to the traditional wrapper tying. We've spotted it on the likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Elohor Essien, Dakore and so on. Now the world of fashion is taking it to 'NATIVE' attire which is very lovely and I guess, worth trying.

I think it looks best with some particular fabric however for some other i may not typically recommend. Fabrics that are soft works best. For instance, 

Velvet - A little bit tricky to work with. Yes velvet could be very soft but at the same time, it has a bulky look so if you are thinking of working with this ensure that the wrapper isn't extra long else it will look unflattering behind.

Satin - The most easy and beautiful to work with because of its silky texture.

Ankara - The ankara fabric works equally well but just as the velvet keep that note in mind.

Materials that am not too comfortable with however is Lace. As you can see below, its a bit too bulky.

but if its a softer fabric, you could pull it off.

Also when the wrapper is too large it might make the knotting appear rather rough.

How to do the knot -

1. Grab both end of the wrapper (note, not too long)
2. Bring the ends across each other and interchange your hands.
3. Twist the ends (now across to each other) and take to the back.
4. Tie neatly and preferable tuck the loose ends in.

The knot doesn't necessarily have to be at the front, you can switch things up but putting it on the side. And BTW, pumps are the perfect shoes to wear with this.

I hope you get to try. Remember, keep practicing as it may take a little while to perfect.

I love you for reading...

Stylishly yours,


  1. yea really trendy these days and fab too.... love it

  2. Not a fan thou..Love the 2nd pics and the Ankara styling..sola ur doing a Great job! All the best

  3. Sola thanx a bunch for this piece ...... wud surely rock this .... I heart !!!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Sola - Will try knotting my wrapper

  5. I rocked mine to a wedding last week in Warri, and I was d centre of attraction since d trend isn't yet popular in d area. zizi

  6. Hmnnnn, Nigerians r crazy fasfhionistas! Imagine this one now.
    It does look nice and refreshingly different.
    I shall try this one out when I am rocking my velvet.
    Mrs A

  7. Seriously? I'm seeing this for d first time. I'm so loving it. Hope it will still be in, after I put to bed Oo°˚˚˚°!
    Sola well done!

  8. I love I love I love I love totally. How can I learn this o, SolaDunn any help?! keep up the good work, ur lifting up is sure.

  9. I'v been tryna learn d knot n nw u'v made it easy...tanx a lot *hugs*