Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What did you really think about Tiwa's performance outfit?


I know, i know guys (covering face). Sorry would be an understatement if i'm to use that word at this point. I was on official assignment at a really remote part of Ghana and due to its urgency, i couldn't give you guys a heads up. E ma binu nitori olorun. Am done now and back! God bless you all for keep checking in! BTW, though this was a while back - what did you think about Tiwa's outfit when she performed with olawale during last project fame? She wore one of her favorite colors (yellow) in sleeveless peplum top and 'short' shorts....not to forget, she performed 'shoeless'. More pictures below

Personally, i love the concept of the outfit but i didn't really like it on her because i feel tiwa is really hippy (which most of us crave for right)  but the short shorts cuts her off and pairing it with a peplum again just makes her bottom half appear bulky which is kind of unflattering. And maybe its just me, but performing without shoes.......i really don't like! But i'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Shola we have vex o. Give us info next time biko. Totally agree with you the outfit on her is just wrong.

    1. i still dey beg oooooooo *on bended knees*

  2. Well, it looks good on her and I guess she feels more comfortable with bare foot on stage, so she can make good use of the stage properly without restriction from the shoes....

  3. Sola welcome back..her dressing get as e be ooo..and please Tiwa shld go an inch lower on the shoe thing if she feels uncomfortable performing with heels

  4. Haba,I had gotten tired of seeing "how to wear one of falls hottest trends" fa buh thank God you came back safely.as for tiwa,I have nothing to say about the outfit

  5. I knw what Sola is talking about when she says hipsy gurls dnt go well wit a short n a peplum top,cus it reali makes dem look vewie fulll compared to dia reali figure......thts why we all shld learn to knw our body n nt wear whateva we see but rather wear what's vewie trendy on u.Cheers!!!