Monday, 7 October 2013

Mint green - fashions IT color!

It was one of the biggest and brightest hue from last year - atleast that was when i got rocking in it. It was everywhere in Hollywood especially in blazers.......but just as they say, fashion is all about rejuvenation and comebacks - Khloe Karashian, Emma Roberts, Leann Rimes and Riri prove that just recently when they were spotted rocking the minty shade in style (below) just a while back. So, if you have it buried in your closets, its time to pull it out and if you are yet to get in the trend, here's why.........

EMMA ROBERTS'S COACHELLA OUTFIT photo | Emma RobertsMINT GREEN  photo | LeAnn Rimes

From Dresses, to nails, shoes, pants, blazers and even hair.......below are just a few ways you can wear the bright mint green.................the possibilities are limitless! The world was rocking it and still is peeps. Here are a few inspiration on how to incorporate it into your wardrobe as inspired by fashionista's, designers and celebrities



Awesome when combined with its primary color

Red carpet dresses

Bodycon Dresses


I love them especially in belts

Tee's and shirts

Cardigan - watch it Mr Kanye! Lol!

Hair - only for Lady Gaga and Minki Minaj tho but don't you just love Demi Lavato's ombre mint hint?


Pants (denim)


Leggings - i heart this one *winks*


Errrmmm maybe a bit feminine but am sure a really fashionable dude can pull this off tastefully (call kanye if you need help, lol). Its a really exciting and fresh hue. We could all use some brightness every now and then don't we now. Lol! Have you rocked it in the past or are you willing to embrace??? Can't wait to hear from you.

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  1. Mint is such a fab color, but if one is not careful, u cn make a huge error while styling by using a wrong color combo.

  2. i love how rita dominc, kendall jenner, michelle obama pulled it off..

  3. You are the best Sola,thanks for bringing this up,I've a shirt of this colour that I've not worn before...this is really an eye opener .

  4. I have mine in swing dress and iro&buba. I have a feel of freshness each time I rock dm. Won't mind a top though

  5. Love the colour

  6. Mint green??? I have this colour in gele. A friend used it for aso ebi and matched it with burnt orange. U go fear colour combination.
    Thanks Sola for sharing.

  7. Awesome......... Signed:#QUEENTY#