Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Omozuafor rocking her handbag courtesy Hesey Designs!

There's our winner from the SolaDunn/HeseyDesigns style challenge, the beautiful Omozuafo rocking her prize. Yes, you might be thinking the prize is different right? Our sponsors decided to make things even more special by asking the winner to choose her desired prize (even more expensive) and had it delivered. Thanks for sharing pictures darl and i heart your ensemble, care to share? Lol! See more pics below

Congrats to the winner again and do enjoy your prize (isn't she one stylish fashionista now). Remember to checkout hesey designs for more amazing products.

What do you think guys?

Stylishly yours,


  1. Awww the Bag is so beautiful! Me Likey...Omo enjoy ur Bag jare*Wink*

  2. When is another challenge coming up

  3. Yes o. I dnt mind winning one of dis. Nice