Friday, 25 October 2013

My top amazing ways to 'shave-off' your years!

While a lot of women are all about trying to look younger (going to the extreme atimes), i feel the focus should be more on 'how to look best your age' and not necessarily 'younger'. Over the years, beauty-wise, women of all skin types and tones have resulted to excessive makeup, inappropriate routine/rituals and even cosmetic surgeries all in the bid to looking 'younger' or rather less their age. What a lot might not realize however is that - a little reduction in certain areas could work a lot of magic. Checkout my few easy tips - 

1. Get a haircut - Frankly speaking, there's nothing like getting a haircut for a woman. The drastic change has a way of totally transforming your traditional look into something entirely catchy and no doubt younger. By getting a haircut, it goes 2 ways ofcos. First, you can either decide to cut your natural hair which BTW i advice because it let's you get ride of weak ends. Secondly, go short with weaves. The simple methodology behind hair for women is long locks makes you look mature while shorter locks makes you look younger. Try chopped cuts for a more modern look! Do feel free to see the comparison between both of Megan Good's pictures below (not that she doesn't look great both ways tho).

2. Moisturize - Ladiessssss, moisturizeeeeeeeeee (holding my head and screaming out loud, lol). Seriously, you have no idea the good you do your face when you moisturize particularly at this part of the world. A good moisturizer does on only protects your face from the scorching sun but also hydrates it thereby preventing wrinkles and every other effects that comes with aging. Before buying one, get advice from a cosmetologist. Also, exfoliate your face atleast once in 2 weeks to get rid of dead cells. Age defying women in their 40's like Vanessa Williams and Halle Berry have both attested to this fact.

3. Perfect brows - One very important feature of your face that can never be over-emphasized are your brows. It is what balances your face and the bed-rock for every perfect makeup. Pluck your brows neatly using a tweezer and not razor (you can get this easily done at your salon) and ensure you emphasize them properly by brushing and filling them out when needed. BROWS - they are dahm important (trust me)! Have a look at our gorgeous pop star below, poor Gwen! If only she knew better. Lol!

4. Avoid metallic shadows - This is the number one error made by most women. Wearing a shiny shadow on your eye lids ages you atleast 5-10 years more. If its not Halloween, an editorial shoot or what not, keep off them cos they have a way of emphasizing wrinkles. Instead, use matte shadows. Checkout the difference between both Jlo's pics are below.

5. Get a concealer - Oh yes, my personal makeup essential! I can never do without this and am sure Miss Kim Kardashin can't neither (see her then and how pic). The magic concealers does to your under eye and dark spot is 'un'quantifiable! Takes your eyes from tired to WOW in an instant!

So, there you have it guys! Wanna take off a couple of years from how you look? Try these simple tips and you're sure never to go wrong. Also, if there's any beauty secret you'd like to share, please leave it as a comment and lets get the discussion rolling! To read my personal products, see post here and here.

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  1. Can u do a post on good concealers nd moisturizers pls cos I really dnt knwmuch bout dem

  2. Shola,i have been in need of this for a long time...please what product of concealers and moisturizers would u advice one to use?it should be affordable aswell...thanx

    1. Biko Soladunn go and learn how to spell and punctuate properly,mtsheeewwww!

    2. Hey !...u that can spell and punctuate......Biko let Soladunn Be!...

  3. Pls shola....I nid 2 knw wt I cn use 4 my face......itsrily vry oily,wen I jst make up its so perfect bt b4 u knw it,its all shiny......I c sumplp's mk up lukin dry all day evn plp I knw dt av oily skin lyk mine.......I 1na knw wt d secret 2 an all day dry make up is.......plsssssssssss

  4. Shola, can u name good and affordable moisturizers for oily n acne prone faces or can I. Use my body lotion as a face moisturizer.

  5. Hi guys, you can read my personal products/recommendation on my post on 'my barely there 'makeup and facial routine routine'. Link attached! xoxo

  6. Nice post dear

  7. Great post!
    Thanks for sharing.
    'Now going to hunt for mosturisers n concealers'.

  8. 9ice post Sola !....& keep fit !keep fit !!! active Girls,...pump ur metabolism.....and see ur skin renew...& drink lots of water every day (8liters ),4get fizzy drinks.
    great job Sola ...