Monday, 14 October 2013

Do's and Don'ts of leggings!

That's it! Am officially traumatized by Tonto, Ini edo and Rukky! Like seriously, why would tuck in or worse still wear a short top on a leggings? That is like the ultimate sin in fashion. Am certain a lot of you have seen this one too many times yourselves in the past - not flattering please, don't do it. Therefore, let's have a look at few rules when it comes to wearing leggings shall we.


1. Never wear short tops! You know the top isn't right when you or people can see your V-line. Just DON'T, please! How dare you Kim with that a**!

2. Too short leggings - thing is, the shorter your leggings, the more it cuts you off and makes you appear shorter. Leggings are meant to enlonge your legs. Except you're going to the gym.

3. Do not wear too tight/see through leggings - the more they stretch, the lighter they get.

4. Light underwear - oh body, this are the times I prefer no underwear atall. If you must wear one, go for seamless panties or G-strings

5. Graphic/Colorful patterns/wrong color - very unflattering. Personal I don't like gold and silver metallic leggings cos I feel they have this slutty look but a few pull it off but I'd rather not advice.


1. Always wear long tops that always COVER YOUR BUTT! Can you even believe that is Rihanna below?

If your tanks are somewhat short, wear a long blazer for cover. Boyfriend blazers are gorgeous! 

Long shirts look sexy and mature

OMG! my preferred foot wear any day and time for leggings are boots and pointy toe pumps. For the best look, leave in between a couple of inches.

Long sweaters look amazing for a modern day retro look.

Rather than the awkwardly shinny ones wear pleather instead.

Also, unlike the unflattering colorful patterns above, checkout Rihanna and Cassie's below, less is always more!

Keep in mind the length

Whatever you do, never expose your butt or wear anything short on your leggings. It is just plain wrong. When your V line starts to show, you know the pants are wrong!

Tonoto and Rukky tho *eyes rolling*. For the love of God ladies, NEVER tuck in while wearing a leggings, c'mon now!

I hope you enjoyed reading. Do feel free to drop your contributions and comments so we can keep the conversation going..................

Stylishly your,


  1. Now u back sola,I learnt sth good frm dis.weldone

  2. Gbammest!!!
    I don't wear them anyway cos I believe they are not meant for big ladies(yeah I'm big)
    But seriously,camel toe is irritating.

  3. Bless ur heart Sola.finally!!I have a couple of dem.but don't know how to rock dem except on weekends to d'm so loving almost all u posted.but I loved cassie's combo d best!!she just nailed it hard!!thx again Sola.xoxo.O2

  4. Kim burn that Leggings Lol*Badmouth* Well done sola

  5. Av always loved rukky but I vomitted when I saw dis horrible pix 2day

  6. God bless u sola 4 tellin dem,2 tink tonto tucked her shirt in d leggings *eyes rolling* am yet 2 get ova that! Signed:#QUEENTY#

  7. ℓ̊τ̅ shows that Kim has every womans body anyway*for ladies who wants †Φ kill themselves cos of her shape*!

  8. What was Rukky thinking? gosh

  9. @anon 09:03 I have big thighs and I wear leggings buh I wear long shirts on and I go for leggings that r thick . Above all u need confidence to pull it off.

    1. nice one anon. i love that word in fashion 'confidence'. Thank you!

  10. Sola, looooool at "traumatised". I nearly died reading this

  11. God bless u oh Sola. i still cnt get over ds 'high waist' leggins dat girls wear and tuck in their top, its unbelievable! Thank you for this post. im big (with a big ass almost as much as Kim's) nd i love rocking leggins but i make sure my ass is well covered so i dnt cause unecessary traffic. do hv a lovely day!


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