Friday, 4 October 2013

The PLAID trend - would you wear?

Its one of the biggest trends of the new season, its everywhere, in every color, pattern, its PLAID! Plaid is a one design i really don't think goes out of fashion however right (atleast for me). Though the trend simmered down from a couple of years ago . Now, its back with major designers showcasing it on runways for their 2014 collection from New York to even Paris fashion week. See below a few celebrities caught rocking the classic pattern

Angela Simmons and brother Diggy

Rita Ora 

Swizz beats

Jessica Alba.

Its a really classic item when it comes to apparel. I remember still having one i got like 4 years ago - it was quite big then. I'd like to hear from you, would you tapping into the trend and how do you intend to? Would be rocking then in shirts, dresses, pants, blazers e.t.c. I'll do a post soon on styling tips for plaid.

P.S - i may be slow on bloggin activities over the weekend, a few loved ones were involved in the plane crash so things are a bit overwhelming for now.

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  1. Sori sola,I love dis plaid trend

  2. Sori sola,I love dis plaid trend

  3. So sori sola. I v always loved plaid. Bt I neva gt 2 v one. I always cald it shortbread dress*covers face* #tolu#

  4. For reasons I don't know,I've always loved plaid,especially the shirt,I had the wrap skirt when I was a kid...I'd easily rock it any day.
    As a matter of fact,I'm gonna go look for the pants,and if I don't get it,I'll buy the material and sew pants with it... Thanks for bringing this up Sola.
    Please accept my condolence, may The Lord comfort you and rest the souls of the departed...Amen

  5. @anon10:13...hahahaha,I never knew it to be plaid too,until now....shortbread dress indeed.

  6. Ohhhh. So sori Sola for d loss. May God comfort u n all urs. Btw, i would most def rock ds piece, i luv Jessica Alba's.

  7. Ohhhh. So sori Sola for d loss. May God comfort u n all urs. Btw, i would most def rock ds piece, i luv Jessica Alba's.

  8. Pele Sola, accept my heartfelt condolence. May d good Lord comfort u and all those who are bereaved.

    As for d plaid, I'll definitely rock, cos I used to have a wrap skirt den but never knew d name was 'plaid'. I guess fashion is in recycle.

  9. I hav a collection of em
    Love it soooo mach
    #rock gurl#

  10. I used to call it check material, I still do lol. Yeah I have a few plaid shirts, buh I sew'd dem cuz I couldn't find my size in d market/ shop.
    @ sola do accept my condolences.

  11. aww...i remember rocking it when i was a kid;had the dress and was one of my favorite clothes.Don't know about now,if i wud want to rock'em