Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Over the top bridal train trend........what do you think?

WOW you may say.....but am liking! Remember my post on a school teacher who had 80 brides made for her wedding - see post here? Well, just when i thought i wouldn't be possible here in Nigeria, one of my fabulous reader sent in an e-mail on a wedding she was part of. She wrote "i was on the train of a family friend's wedding 2 weeks ago and we were up to 40. we had 15 bridesmaids, 15 grooms men, 4 angels, 2 flower girls, little birde and ring bearer and chief bridesmaid and bestman. it was long and sooo beautiful we all had soo much fun!". See the beautiful pictures she sent in below

Amazing color combination (both brides maid and grooms friend) on both of them and that petite bride is just everything.....i love petite brides. Lol!

and here's our gorgeous reader Bukie Koyi who sent in the pictures - lovely African woman isn't she now! BTW bukie, i keep eyeing that Lucite clutch of yours o. Lol!

What do you think about the over the top train guys and would you consider it for your special day? Thanks again Bukie for sharing these lovely pictures!

Stylishy yours,


  1. Train of life. Awon ti Sowande!

  2. Yeee!! I wa on the train. It was so fab and classy + the guys were hot.

  3. lol, it was rly rly fun, lots of hilarious guys and down to earth girls. Sowande community of life!

  4. and thanks for the compliment Sola. Got the purse from a friend of mine, very affordable!

  5. good soup, na money make am,.... daz all