Saturday, 18 May 2013

The C-strings! would you dare to wear???

Though very funny and weird, the C-string (around for a while now) is fashions solution to butt baring outfits and disturbing VPL. Just as it sounds, It is an undergarment in a 'C' shape made up only of the front cover of your regular thong and a bit of wire at the back. Before you open or read further, please be careful where you open this cos it contains mature images.

Many are times have we seen our celebrities on red-carpet/streets and  have wondered 'WTH were they thinking' right? 

Well, with where fashion is going these days, i'd say its a girl 'must have'. Although not designed for everyday wearing, i think they could come quite in handy for those daring fashion/emergency moments.

It actually does not have any string holding it so you don't have to worry about the problem of VPL (visible panty lines), Tan-lines and all. For some weird reason, i feel with the sort of thong/G-string some ladies wear these days, the C-string is not much of a difference. I would warn tho, only for the bold and confident.

Before they boys come here to start passing judgements, they've got it specially designed for you too....sometimes, its not all them o- don't be deceived Lol!

Manufactures of the C-string assures users that they are not at to risk of it falling off. They have been carefully designed to thoroughly grip you with comfort and are so flexible, they can be worn with the slimmest swim suit.

While it might not be something i'll ordinarily choose to wear, i will strongly recommend if you are 'going all out' with your outfit. Half-bread they say is better than none hey! those fashion accidents does have their funny timmings. Lol!

Lolzzzz, i've got such a huge smile on my face writing weren't thinking some of these celebrities didn't have a back up plan now, were you.......your nasty selves. Lol! Have you tried this in the past cos they've been around for a while now (if yes, pls shout-out at me quick)? If not, are you willing to give it a try and do you consider them as panties?

Note - this is where i don't want to see pictures abeg, just tweet at me @soladunn or  drop a comment on how it went if you truly have tried it in the past okay. Lol! thanks!

Am so excited to hear from you on this one.....



  1. Nice, but looks very uncomfortable

  2. Abeg where d hook dey?

  3. Does d pant gum to ur skin or what? I can't seem to get it?

  4. Sola hmmmmm how do u know those pple in shear dresses r wearing the c string hahaha ... Abeg dem no wear pant jor .... For me,instead of this iron rod dat can stick into ur anus I say just go pantless if u must wear does kinda clothes .... But y should u wear such rags all in the name of fashion??? ... HONNEY

  5. A g-string I would do but a c-string? Emm no thankz please

  6. Thanks think I will pass on this one. Kudos to those you can!!!

  7. C string it is!!! Lol.

  8. Seriously I wouldn't be caught dead in that.They tell u it won't fall,but u might find that out the hard way.

  9. Hehehe. ..looks funny but its something I'd like to try