Saturday, 11 January 2014

Blue Ivy tells them B*tches - MOVE OVER! Lol!

That expression by cute Blue Ivy is simply priceless. HAHAHAHAH, so grown, i can't even deal. Goodness, like mama like daughter! The mega couple where spotted out and about dinning with their beautiful 2 year old daughter. Another pic of Beyonce below.

Remember one of my Christmas wishes was a huge chunky necklace like Beyonce's, guess what, i got it and can't wait to show you guys. Lol!


  1. Your blog is all about fashion,as you shows us concept from celebrities,you should also show us that you follow by showing us pictures cos mehn you rock,I love your blog so much,can't wait to read your next post on how to look slimmer not that am fat oooo but I can give pple tip!#weirdo

  2. Lol!
    Totally adorable!

    Cnt wait to see a pic of u rocking your neck piece. I need to get one for myself sef.

  3. lol I just wonder why bey never combs her hair