Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Which of Rihanna's classy ensemble do you prefer?

Just within a space of 2 days this week, Rihanna wowed us with some amazing classic fashion. First up, she made an appearance at the GMA (Good Morning America Show) wearing a vintage Chanel suit which i absolutely LOVE. I don't know why people are hating on her saying she's not a 'Chanel' chick *eyes rolling*. I know her style isn't  'classic' but rather aggressive, edgy and sexy...regardless, she looked good in this. My only problem though is the hair and necklace. If that hair had been a fringed bob and the necklace a layered pearl piece, this would have been absolute PERFECTION.

Secondly, she launched her cosmetics line, 'VIVA GLAM' in New York also rocking a surprising classy attire by Lanvin. 

What do you think of both looks? Do you feel Rihanna should just stick to her aggressive fashion or you're loving her new transformation to Classics?


  1. i like the second one..

  2. The second one looks like househelp things abeg. Maybe its the shoes I don't quite agree with.the first is classy. I love me vintage anytime but I agree. She ain't no Chanel chic. Its such a shocking departure from what she's used to. And I get why ppl wd react or hate like that. Its like Chanel is all class,elegance,poise. And then Rihanna is all razzmattazz,tear it,strip it,rip it. And then she wears a Chanel and its like "no! She did not just soil "our" Chanel with her razzmattazz self! " lmao

  3. I just love the both outfit! RiRi can fit into anything#Thumbs up#

  4. Riri pls stick 2 ur aggresive fashion. Tanx.

  5. People will prefer her naked, cus they r use 2 seeing her naked. But I luv her like dis...she looks gr8 n more classy. *Chanel or no chanel*

  6. I prefer her first picture. But Riri can pull off anything. She has a killer body

    1. Yeahright! Anything suits her!