Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Trend Alert - All white traditional wedding ensemble!

Honestly, i don't remember ever seeing it on anybody until songstress, Tiwa Savage wore it during her traditional wedding last year. I remember predicting it was going to become a huge trend and guess what? It is now. Probably Tiwa wasn't the one that invented it but, like it or not, she has given the trend 'a name and face'. We are talking about wearing an all white ensemble for a traditional wedding. Usually at this part of the world (Nigeria), traditional weddings are very classic and overly colorful. Regardless of how you try to 'tushen' things up, you're still going to have to go back to basics cos wearing an all white? I'm really not sure whether or not i'm up for it, one thing that is certain though is -wearing an all white ensemble for a traditional wedding is very unique and beautiful no doubt.

And BTW, i'm not just talking about the brides now but the grooms equally.



If there is anything i have noticed though, it is that the fact that the trend works best with couples with 'darker' skin tones. It compliments them better i think.

I really don't know where i'm at with it but are you guys up for the idea and why? Putting in cognizance the fact that you might be wearing white for your wedding proper, wouldn't you see this as rather too much?

I will keep observing the trend and hopefully fall in love with it so much that i'll get to do a post on how to pull it off. I've seen a couple of brides after Tiwa's wedding in it and also, a few of my friends are hell bent on rocking it for their tradition weddings as well. But, what are your thoughts on it?

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  1. Its a cool trend, can totally see myself wearing something like this on My day....

  2. I'll leave the all white ensemble for the church wedding but it's a really pretty but bold trend.

  3. The lady with the dimple is so me hehehehe..Love the Trend!! Ohyes I have a thing for white

  4. Lawson/Shonekan wedding....ℓ̊τ̅ was a white Aso Ofi mixed with subtle gold....u can check ℓ̊τ̅ on bellanaija!...She destroyed the beauty by fixing white nails!...d white nails didn't just work for me @ all

  5. Its nice but I'm not in love with it. Wearing white on the main wedding is enough for me. I would love to experiment wif colors on the trad joor

  6. This is such a beautiful trend. The couples in these pics all looke lovely in their outfits

  7. Its rily nice buh mayb not wit white accessories. D all white kinda made d bride in d 2nd pic afta tiwa look lyk yeye osun. Lol
    My tots tho,can't wait 2 see pple's comment & sola pls can u do a post on ow a pregnant lady can look trendy.

  8. The lady in the last pix is so pretty. And you are right...........the ensemble looks really nice on dark skinned people.