Thursday, 30 January 2014

Do you prefer Monalisa Chinda Brunette or Blonde ?

We all love and adore gorgeous Nigerian Actress Monalisa Chinda for her angelic smile. However, another thing she seem most famous for is her ever changing hair color. Yup, she's pretty much done it all when it comes to hair but i want to know, which do you prefer from her most common choices. Brunette or Blonde? and why?


  1. Sola that's a trick question. She's better in black of course. Pops her complexion,her eyes. She looks bleached in the blond hair jor

  2. brunette!!!!!!

  3. Yh anon 05:29 dats true, she looks bleached wit d blonde hair while d brunette z cool and sparks up her eyes and complexion, I think I wud go wit dat too, love d br
    Brunette more on her dan d blonde.


  4. 1000% Brunette!!! She looks washed out as a blonde