Thursday, 30 January 2014

The fuzz about Beyonce's racy Grammy Performance - My opinion!

I don't think i fully understand what the fuss is about Beyonce's performance at the Grammy’s. Really? Seriously? An entertainer gets on stage and gives a fabulous performance to a song titled ‘drunk in love’ at the ‘Grammys’ with her ‘husband’ by her side and some people dare to call that negative influence?

Honestly, i have an opinion on this and here it is:

First of all, those parents talking trash about Beyonce not being a good role model to their kids – how about they shut up and be the true role models to their kids themselves rather than looking on to celebrities. I think blaming celebrities for your failed attempt at parenthood is just a pitiful excuse.

And secondly, to journalist/critics slamming her as being a 'negative influence’, need  i remind them - Beyonce is a woman that has proven to the entire world by example that you can indeed have it all – A successful career, loving spouse and a happy family. She’s 32, married for over 5 years with a child and an outstanding career . She’s no baby mama neither has she ever been in the news for any addiction or abuse. So what is not positively influencing/empowering about that? 

*Deep sigh* Some people have just got serious issues! Personally, i am in awe for Beyonce. I've never seen anybody who puts so much hard-work into her craft and yet manages to balance that with having a family. After watching her performance at the Super Bowl half time last year, i had a new found level of respect for this woman and i believe after that, a significant number of people do not have the minutest doubt about her talent as well. When she gets on stage, ‘Sasha Fierce’ does whatever she needs to do as a professional performer and when she get off, ‘Beyonce’ is just a mother and a wife.

You know what, shout out to all Beyonce haters, you all are just bitter, myopic and need to take a seat. Hate it or love it, she's one of the most powerful women in the world. She’s paid her dues and earned the right to do whatever it is she wants so DEAL WITH IT!

BTW, i really love this sketch. Lol!

I’d really love to have your perspective on this issue. Is she wrong by showing to the world that you (as a woman) can still be sexy for your man even after having a baby? Would you term Beyonce as being a negative role model? and was her performance at the Grammy's overly inappropiate?

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  1. Yea it's ur opinion Sola, but do you really want other people's opinions? Cos u seem to say that anyone who disagrees is myopic, bitter etc. Well she's an entertainer & 'probably' put up a good show but there r ppl looking up to her. Celebrities hv a massive influence on their fans & whatever they do is deemed right. R we going for applaud other entertainers if they dress that way, or does being Beyonce make it alright and awesome? She's hardworking, married and all that, it still doesn't change the fact that her outfit was too out there & so many young ppl hv bn influenced by it. Parents r not always there with their children & cannot control all they see, read or do. Celebrities should have that in mind.

  2. sola Hi-5 jare..I'm so with u on this,like seriously all Haters of Bey should all bow,don't knw why people always try to bring other people down..I watched her performance and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her performance she did pretty well..Beyonce has always been a performer and she is effortlessly sexy, she has always been sexy and she would continue to be sexy...........Bey is one Woman I look up to because she is so hard working and has got no scandals to her Name..... As For the "Role model thing" abeg parents train ur kids properly and stop pouring out ur pains on celeb and stop blaming them. ....................Haters Bow its Bey we are talking about baby hehehehe

  3. Sola, I am disapointed at some of the things you've said! -did you really see the performance or was told? Fashion is your thing keep out of entertainment! That was a very flat performance! We all looked forward to an amazing performance to that song. If you are a true destiny's child/ beyonce fan? You wld immediately pass a verdict #poor performance.
    Outfit? Zero! While dancing? Her left boob shifted n the nipple pasty was seen! The lips of her vijayjay was seen!
    Loved jay been on stage with her #fab. But, this is the same babe that sang "nasty girl" as a destiny child! Pls listen to that song. She is powerful, beautiful, influencial...etc. But call a spade a spade! The rihanna /miley raunchiness wasn't called for! We love her being sexy diva total glam! Not desperate n trashy. Anything she does? Golden! But that? Epic fail!
    For pple to keep complaining, when the world adores the queen B? Something must be wrong. Don't b blinded by the love you have for her n speak the truth. After all, this isn't the 1st time she ever wore a sexy costume! But that was trashy. #thegospeltruth

  4. Beyonce is a sex bomb.she's sexy,she's always bn sexy.but I can't remember her bein ts "trashy".showin her after child birth not against her perfomance or anythn bt she's bn better.I believe when you are married and have a child,thr shld be a limit to the *sexy* thngy.She's bn posting her old pics on instagram,and I vent seen any outfit that's trashier thn d stage grammy outfit.

  5. Beyonce is a sex bomb.she's sexy,she's always bn sexy.but I can't remember her bein ts "trashy".showin her after child birth not against her perfomance or anythn bt she's bn better.I believe when you are married and have a child,thr shld be a limit to the *sexy* thngy.She's bn posting her old pics on instagram,and I vent seen any outfit that's trashier thn d stage grammy opinion

  6. Like seriously as long as she is on dat stage with her hubby, all haters r hating on dia own jare! *several sits available*

  7. You guys know celebrities wear pants and bra while performing sometimes,free bey abeg,jobless cows,re u guys little kids to be sounding disappntd!

  8. Her outfit was trashy, men are always dressed up but must women be half dressed ? She has it all so what's she trying to prove? Is it that she can be half naked on stage. As for those hailing her would you even dare to wear that? Of course not...

  9. There are 2 sides to this. I see nothing wrong with the outfit itself because its entertainment and wev seen worse, but a nip slip and V slip spell "d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e" and "s-k-a-n-k" the other hand,all these award nights ,one knows to expect any and everything. So why not keep your kids away from the TV till uv watched and made sure that its ok before ur kids watch. American parents need to get responsible tho. That state is a spoiled state. Nobody can take a single responsibility. There's always someone to blame,govt,immigrants,Obama,celebrities,etc. Na WA ooo

  10. The outfit was trashy #simple and the performance was just there.... expected more... like u've said sola it's ur opinion and pple have theirs too so bey and u should deal with it.... me no sure say u love bey reach me but truth is truth and dat was a desperate outfit and ok performance