Friday, 31 January 2014

Weekend style inspiration - Monalisa Chinda's maxi dress!

Hey guys, i hope you are prepping for the weekend. On this weeks style inspiration, we will be recreating this chic laid back look of the beautiful Monalisa Chinda. She was spotted rocking this ensemble while promoting her new print Magazine at the OGE show earlier in the week. She wore a long black sleeveless maxi dress paired with a satchel handbag and long gold necklace - perfect weekend look. Aside her apparel, what i can't seem to get enough of is her hair - OMG! That dark straight layered weave is totally gorge and sexy.

Okay now, let's break it down and let you in on how you can look effortlessly chic this weekend.

Dress - Tone the dress color down. Choose colors like black, grey, brown, purple or burgundy. Remember to consider your skin tone while picking out a color. Go for hues that best compliment your complexion.

Satchel Handbag - For that pop of color, choose a bright colored satchel handbag. Monalisa spotted hers in red however, i love neon colors like orange, lemon or pink. The brighter, the better *winks* 


Necklace - For that touch of edge, choose a unique piece as your pendant. For the conservative fashionista, choose girly designs like hearts and flowers. For the more aggressive fashionista, go for hardcore designs like skulls and spikes.


Footwear -  Wedges and sandals are the perfect choices. You want it to be effortless so no heels or anything serious. Note this, if you've got wide feet, go for sandals. If you've got slim feet, go for subtle wedges.  

Hair - You want this to be easy and sexy. Opt for loose curls and avoid thick ones. Long, medium or short, just ensure you let your hair down. 


I love you for reading and have yourselves a stylish weekend!

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  1. This is useful! Thanks Dear!

  2. Tnx sola for d tips.