Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My thoughts on Nigerian enteratainers fashion at the Grammy's 2014!

You guys know i love and will always support our very own but right now, i'm simply lost for word on these 2 sisters. Singers, Seyi Shay and Gina showed up at the 56th annual Grammy looking like a pair of....really, i don't know. Like, how dare you ladies, HOW DARE YOU show up disgracing a whole country like so? Huh? Seyi's dress was way over-sized and ill fitting from every possible angle - i'm not sure she even remembered to do her hair and makeup. Gina on the hand (don't know who she is), was just plain tacky and that ombre weave, #Disaster!

I think the mistake these ladies made was they were feeling 'too fly'. Unlike Katty Perry, Taylor Swift and the likes.....you weren't nominated, you weren't presenting an award, neither were you promoting anything. So, why the hell did you have to try so hard? 

I mean, they were only there to watch and have fun - the least they could have done was show up looking classy and promote a good brand! Look at Rita Ora. She was FABULOUS in that metallic dress by Lanvin, very beautiful and understated.


Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying 'spend huge bucks on a dress', JUST RENT THE DAHM THING! Duh! That's what celebs do - rent a 'good' dress! Beyonce spent thousands to get a custom made dress by Michael Costello yet she looked so uncoordinated. I wonder how someone pairs such a heavy makeup on a soft feminine fabric like that coupled with a hair looking so bad. #Deepsigh! Still love Bee though! Lol!

Thing is, if women like Michelle Obama and Angela Simmons (to name a few) are rocking Nigerian/African labels 'proudly', we gotta be doing something right hey! 


Pastel hues, white, red, and metalics were huge on the red carpet at the Grammy's and quite a few of my favorite designers from the Lagos fashion week did it real good last year (SS 2014 collection).

My recommendation/what they should have worn:

Checkout this elegant beaded dress by Iconic Invanity. How stunning would Seyi shay have looked in it.
Perfectly detailed, a simple retro side knot and pumps is all she needed to have nailed this look. Also, this paneled wide leg jumpsuit (from the same label) would have best suited her edgy persona. It literally breaks my heart cos seyi has got one of the best bod's in Nigerian entertainment yet she's never wowed in any of her appearances.


And you Gina, we see you've got a nice behind and you have a thing for sheer. Why not put your tush in this lovely dress by WeizDhurm Franklyn or go regal in this elegant form fitting red dress by Meena. Ditch 'that thing' you call a weave and put on some dahm good good hair. Girl!

BTW, i might not know too much about male fashion but the brothers weren't bad atall. Ermmm, except for Harry Song that is.

As for Dencia's sequin body suit, i don't mind this look on her. I think it is typical, it is her. Even though, i'd like to see her evolve in future experimenting with couture and elegant fashion - she's got the bod c'mon. If Nicki could scale through the process, am sure she will too. Lol!

Arggg!!!!!! Honestly, i was infuriated while writing this, so disappointed.

What did you guys think about their outfits? Do, share your thoughts.

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  1. Seyi shay didn't nail it in that dress, but i don't think she would have nailed it in that dress or jumpsuit by Iconic Invanity. From this angle, the fabric looks poor and so does the finishing, its not just wow.But the black alternative for Gina would have worked perfectly.. Harrysong and Kcee are good businessmen but fashion or style is definitely not their thing..

  2. You'r right about seyi's outfit, it didn't fit at all, she could have done better.....who's Gina?...Dencia, am not surprised at all

  3. I'm with you 100% on Gina (especially). The total look is a no no! I have also noticed Seyi Shay isn't a power dresser as well. Either she makes bad choices or nothing just seems to sit well on her... fashiontinz.com ( pieces to suit every style)

  4. I love seyishay,can't stop dancing to her Ragaga lol,she's one beautiful woman that is full of life but the problem here is that she never gets it right when it comes to fashion..in the pics above she looks unkept,messy hair and the dress aaaaaargh #cover eyes in shame#. As for the men sola biko point ur fingers @ Kcee he looks the worst,Harrysong looks way better than him and what's with the neck chain on a suit pls show a little bit of being classy in your outfit kcee I'm talking to u lool, I'm sounding so Harsh..well done sola booboo always doing a great job

  5. wow I tot I was the only one disappointed ooo ... kai they looked like mumu to me esp seyi shey and gina

  6. Seyi shey dressed like a maid, how dare u seyi..*in sola's voice* As 4 gina, no words really.

    1. Hahahahaha!!!! my voice? Yeah right! *winks*

  7. I love your various controversial submissions on this guys, please keep it coming. xoxo.........

  8. l'll b harsh,d only reason I'm concerned abt Gina is cos she's practically representing nigeria & not cos she's relevant, cud av @ least luked gud 4 us,as 4 seyi shay am not suprised u shud get a stylist cos I don't bliv u av 1,Lupita's stylist wud b glad 2 style u cos of ur great bod dats if u can afford it. Am sure even d guys present will b disappointed & as for them,julius neva disappoints me as he is always on point. And pls peeps don't blame harry & kcee,dey knw nuffin abt fashion especially dat kcee,wen he is suppose 2 b tinkin of luking gud he will b busy applyiny 'tiro' lol.dencia dencia *sigh* I do not undastand ur hair,it luks tacky.
    Dey disappointed me *chai*

  9. Lawd! There's a fire! * faints* wtf

  10. Sheyi and gina did not get it right with the dresses they wore as for kaycee that one no sabi fashion at all.