Friday, 24 January 2014

Weekend style inspiration - Recreate Lupita Nyongo's purple ensemble!

Like seriously! Lupita and her stylist are a match made in fashion heaven because how else do you explain a woman that stuns at every single appearance. #DeepSigh! The gorgeous Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o made yet another stylish appearance at the Jimmy Fallon Show last night. She wore a sexy silk purple pant and top by Cushie Et Ochs Spring 2014 and oh boyyy i'm i drooling over the ensemble.

I totally heart this look because it is so sexy, sophisticated, effortless and at the same time very comfy - yeah, its got it all in there. Perfect for a date night if you're the type who isn't so much into dresses like myself. Lol! I decided to put together a look for less but unfortunately again, i couldn't get similar apparels on any Nigerian site. However, i'll do breakdown to help you.

Blouse - Need i highlight that your body must be in top notch shape to pull off this look because your arms and chest are going to be on full display. Also, ladies that are flat chested are at a better advantage to pulling off this look but if you are emdowned in that department, get a good bra. The most important thing is to opt for a shade that compliments your skin tone. I don't specifically feel this shade was best for Lupita, i would have prefered Radiant Orchid instead but i love how her stylist is experimenting with colors on her. Make sure your blouse isn't too loose because you will be tucking it in. Also, make sure the top of the blouse is well fitted to avoid any wardrobe malfunction. If you want to channel your inner sexy, a little lace or ruffle wouldn't hurt  ensure that it doesn't have any cut underneath the bust.

Pants - Ofcos, its going to be a flare bottom pant, high waist and again, silk. Ensure that it is fitted around the hip area to accentuate your cures. I personally prefer when my zipper is at the front as compared to the side. Please, take note of the length. We have enough people sweeping the nation already so park well! *straight face* To get the perfect length, ensure your pants stops right below your ankle, tops 2 inches more since you will be wearing heels.


Pumps - Opt for well structured pointy toe pumps instead. Preferably, those that will show off your 'toe cleavage'. A couple of inches high so your pants would be intact and you're good to go.

Makeup - Keep hair and makeup simple. You want your toned bod to be the center of attraction so don't let your face or hair compete with that. A simple elegant updo or pony tail is best.

Accessories - minimal accessories will do but if you're looking to make a statement, a chunky bracelet or choker like what the model has on will be a jaw dropper. Only for the fierce fashionista though. Lol! A lovely chain purse or envelop clutch is simply perfect.


And the end product....... this right here, is a practical representation of what i'm talking about *winks* Just don't let the pants go out of hands, ok. Lol!

Have fun filled weekend! 

I love you for reading!

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  1. Hi sola nice work,well done.Pls i have an important question-i am a size 9(42) and i have difficulties in finding nice shoes i like.cud u help me out wit possible websites i could find some?thnks

    1. Hi you! Checkout, you should get a fix. xoxo

  2. Color is radiant orchid.....thank me later.
    Loving nupita more she wore dis same outfit to the nicks game on d same day. Most celebrities wont do dat.........FEB

    1. Madam correction,her name is Lupita,thank me now!!!

  3. Sola good to know you pointed it out. That colour isn't good on her but the style is lovely.

    Pls visit

  4. Oh I love my girl in this ensemble but the colour isn't working "too dark for her skintone" and I'm super excited to see what she wld be wearing @ the oscar Awards