Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fashion Discussion - Plunging necklines + thigh high slits? Your thoughts!

There's got to be something about the Grammy's that makes everyone want to just bare it all. Undoubtedly, there has been some unforgettable fashion, most popular of which is the plunging neckline with thigh high slits. Going down memory lane, i can never forget Jlo and Toni Braxton from the Grammy's 2000 - both left barely nothing to the imagination. Now, fashion forward Rihanna has added yet another dress to her infamous collection. She rocked this sexy gold number during a pre-Grammy Gala in LA.

We know in fashion, you can't eat your cake and have it - you cannot go both ways (if you want to keep it classy that is) but stylists (myself inclusive) argue a lot about this. Some go this far with clients (celebrities) to make an unforgettable statement while some do it to make a major comeback after being off the scene for a while. From your perspective, what do you think about barring it all?

My opinion - depending on 'where' the celebrity is coming from, sometimes huge risks and decisions are bound to be taken fashion-wise. Don't get me wrong, while i'm all for daring/edgy fashion, i think Jlo and Toni went a little too far. Rihanna on the other end is absolute perfection in hers (both the black and gold dress). I think she alone reserves the right to wear deep cut necklines combined with thigh high slits without the minutest hitch. I don't know what it is about her, but i cannot seem to fault. Maybe its because she's so effortlessly sexy *phew*

Can't wait for the show tonight though. Lol. Please do share your thoughts on this fashion.


  1. Cldnt agree more. Maybe j.lo's wouldnt hv been so bad if she covered her navel. Rihanna looks effortlessly sexy.........FEB

  2. I am a conservative, i think anyone can look good without showing skin. For me plunging neck-lines, overly long slits are tacky and unfashionable. The idea of fashion is to look good while wearing clothes. thats just my 2kobo.

  3. I don't like the fashion on any of them. It exposes almost everything but it's their choice finally.

  4. My opinion is that people are TAUGHT what to think is OK and what is not, and taught WHY a thing is not OK. They are also taught to feel shame, which is essentially a form of self loathing bound together with FEAR ... fear that you will not be accepted by the society you depend on for your very survival.

    Fashion is 100% culture, not innate to all of humanity, and it changes all the time. IN 1900 it was obscene for a man to take his shirt off.

    The western world has changed a great deal in this regard over the last 400 odd years. From about 1420 until about 1780, the most "fashionable" style was called "Extreme Décolleté". It was "Extreme: because it bared the entire breast BELOW the nipples. The very religious and conservative women of the height of the churches power wore this style, and it was so appealing to ALL classes that women who could not afford servants to lace them into their gown, chose instead to unlace the front to reveal their breasts. The style was embrace by women in all classes, including Queen Elizabeth I, Mary of Orange and Henrietta Maria of France.

    Queen Elizabeth I was a great fan of this style - into her older years, as is proved by letters from the Venician ambassador (sent back home) in which he complained about having to look at her "withered old dugs". You can even see in some paintings of Elizabeth, that the original neck line showed all of her bust, but the painting was later censored. Waves of "fig leafing" censorship occurred form time to time, and one of the largest was in the Victorian era when thousands of nude statues were destroyed, or had stone fig or grape leaves glued in place over the "offending body parts".

    Here are a few examples.

    This is a woodcut example of the Square Neckline popular in the earlier part of that era :

    And here is an example from the late 1700s and is the same sort of gown that the wives and daughters of the US "founders" would have been wearing. We know for certain that the style was worn by the wives of the traders in the Hudson's Bay Company forts and trading posts.

    After the era of "Extreme Décolleté" came the fashion of the Regency era (Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice). The number of movies made of those books give us the idea we know what the ladies wore, but most of us are wrong. The movies do not show women wearing the formal evening-wear of the era when Hollywood does Costume Dramas. The new ladies fashion style in the Regency was called "Nudity à La Grecque", and corsets were gone, soft natural bodies were in, and after about 4pm so were gowns made of cloth that you could not see through.

    This is a close-up from "Portrait of a Young Woman in White" (ca.1798 by Jacques-Louis David).