Thursday, 9 January 2014

Ebube Nwagbo's cornrows, Love it or Hate it?

Goodness!!! I must admit i never thought there was a beautiful face underneath all those weave. Way to go Ebube! It always pays to let your natural hair breathe sometimes, only sometimes *straight face*. Lol! You'll be surprised how younger you'll look and how beautiful your face comes out. I'm also carrying mine for the next 2 weeks as well. Below is a pic i took on Tuesday

I know, i know, my forehead though, Lol! Can't wait to have my weaves back on abeg. Lol! So what do you think about Ebube on her natural hair? Love it or Hate it?


  1. Sola u no lie @ all, u look much younger with ur natural hair on anyways wld send u a pics of mine rocking my natural hair..u fine gan but this ur pics no clear reach ooo hahaha

  2. Don't worry sola u also look lovely, just d posing. Ebube really looks stunning

  3. Sola u look really beautiful and so is Ebube.............A+ to d both of u..muah

  4. Sola, na china phn u tk snap ni? We still love u sha.. U no blend ur foundation reach neck ni? Y?@tee_on_radio

    1. Hahahahaha!!! I kukuma blend am but my sisto, no be small thing for Lagos road o.

  5. Suits her well buh more appreciative of her lipstick. Lovely shade

  6. sola na you be that ni ?lolz .abeg post that white T - top to UK ni!. lolz ...but is BEAUTIFULICIOUS. NI!.....lolz .