Thursday, 16 January 2014

Face-off - Olivia Munn or Jenifer Lopez in VB dress!

Now this is one hell of a decision isn't it. More reason why i'm leaving it up to you to decide. Who do you think wore the Victoria Beckham dress better. Olivia Munn or Jenifer Lopez? See the dress on Posh herself below

You can't really beat a designer in her clothes now, can you. Lol! Who wore it better? Olivia or Jlo?


  1. Lovely dress. J.lo rocked it better. Short girls shld stay away from dresses that stop below d knee. Makes u look shorter. Olivia on d other hand accessoried better. Vicky beck killed it even wiv her flat ass

  2. I think Jennifer wore it better. She has a better body or it looks so in the outfit. Though like you said, no one wears victoria's clothes like Victoria herself. I said so in my blog too.

  3. Haba sola, JLO killed it ofcus look at d bod differences nah. Even more dan posh herself, but I luv d hair n d accessories on her.

  4. Sola,dis is indeed a hell of a decision 2 make. Buh 1 tin I knw is dat,victoria killed dat outfit lyk dayuuummm,oh victoria *faints*

  5. Jlo has the best figure for dat outfit (lovely small boobs and killer butts) olivia accesorized perfectly and I feel Victoria has d best hair do for the style!!! Sera

    1. i couldn't agree less with you maam *winks*

  6. Yea anon7:50 u shld be a fashion analyst.