Thursday, 30 May 2013

Did Adeze commit a 'shoeiside' mission???.......found her shoes!

Am sure alot of you saw this picture and just over looked those bad boys (not by Adeze's side) but her legs........They are called the Gold Christian Louboutin 160mm Insolde platform heels. It was so huge last year and i totally fell in love with them (until my sister gisted me how exclusive they were, i took the next flight back home) lol. Girls, you have no idea what the 'original' of those babies are worth. Click to learn more.........

Ofcos since they came out last year, the world of fashion was so crazy about them that a lot of replica's had to be made thereby making them cheaper and more accessible but trust me, nothing compares to the real deal. They are worth a fortune!

i learnt these shoes were so exclusive, they were not even listed on the brand's site (, so you've gotta have access to Mr Louboutin himself to get yourself one - yeah, that's how exclusive they were. Just as one of my fav gossip site ( stated "they are only for the rich and fabulous not for the hood rich chicks" lol!

Worn by A-list celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Nene Leakes

Fabulous Kim Kardashian and Jenifer Lopez

You've gotta have the heart of a trip to heaven to fly in these baddest boys ladies

I don't know if Adeze is wearing the original or replica.....all i know is, if you got one of these (regardless), you are one wicked fashionata *winks*

Thoughts guys........or is there any of my readers rocking in these, please send in a photo, am melting to feature you.

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  1. So on point..Adaeze's husband is super rich so she can afford it lol..ave missed she and her BFF Muna

  2. I luv evertin abt ur blog

  3. U didn't say where u can get d replica!!!