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The Rectangle shaped woman! we got your back!

Rectangle shaped women are actually more than you think. Also known as the banana, brick or athletic - i for one belong to this category. The most challenging thing about this body type is that you have very little or no defined waist line, good thing however is you have amazing. Am really excited to write about this body type cos it pertains me and a whole lot of other women. By ready through, you'll be surprised at how much fun you can have with your gorgeous boyish figure.

Are you bothered because of your barely there curves? see gorgoues woman you belong in the same category with. International celebrities are Natalie Portman, Kiera Knightley, Cameron Diaz, Katie Homes, Zoe Saldana, Kate Bosworth/Middleton and Gwyneth Paltrow. Here in Nigeria we have Eku Edowor, Linda ikeji, Kate Henshaw, Rita Dominic, Seyi shey, Stella Damasus, Monalisa Chinda and Karen Igho. Now, let identify if you are truly rectangle shaped. Your most visible features include

1. smaller bust-line
2. Little or no defined waist line
3. Long legs
4. upper body is proportionate to your lower body
5. if you are much fuller. you may appear brick, straight or athletic in stature

Now that you know for sure, this is where you fall, its time to hit the stores and find you some good outfits. Me inclusive, lol!

It is important to note that with this body type, what we are most concerned about is creating a waist line i.e breaking up our mid section and ultimately create curves.

Foundation (very important)

When you're rectangle shaped, chances are that your breasts maybe a little small for your body/figure. Get a nicely padded bra that separates your breast to add volume. This spanx body-shaper is the best - it lets you wear your desired bra and also clings your body especially the waist area (mid section) and automatically add curves. If you have a visible stomach, this is a must have.


1. Dresses with hippy detailing - This is one of the best ways to add volume to your barely there hip area. Pleating, ruffles......... any-form of detailing for that area is great on you.

2. Illusion dresses were designed for you - a lot of you might not agree with me on this but i actually chose Stella over toolz on this dress. Let me explain, illusion dresses were designed to give your torso curves. As an hour shaped woman, your torso is already very short and wearing illusion dresses only cuts it off the more - what that does in reverse is stunt who ever is wearing it.

However, for a rectangle shaped woman, you have a longer torso so the dress sinks you in at the waist and elongates your lover half. As a stylist, what i would have done to nail this outfit on stella is take way the hair, necklace, bangle put her in a spanx body shaper (up) and she would have totally looked flawless. Look at how amazing gwyneth looks in hers (without the sleeves tho). Now take a look at Kim Kardashinan and Toolz close up below

If you look closely, you'll see what i mean. Point is, if you are hourglass shaped, you've got enough curves - any attempt to further accentuate that ends up looking unflattering.

3. Embrace prints -especially if you are on the slim side, prints are a great way of adding volume to your lower half. Trick to pulling off prints is - short girls (wear smaller patterns) and Tall girls (wear bolder patterns). Do keep balance in mind tho.

4. Wear shorts - your legs are most enviable feature - so show them off by wearing sexy shorts (tailored, cut-off's, they all look great). I personally, am a shorts girl, i wear them more that i wear pants.

5. Skinnies and Leggings - they look great on you. Trick to pulling this off is to ensure that they stay right above your ankles. Note, if you must wear bell-bottoms, make sure they sit on your hips and not above. Jackets are great on you too - for the best fit, roll them up a bit to shorten your arms. Loose tank tops that sits on your hip bones are the best choices.


6. Sexy back - as a rectangle shaped woman, you are most likely to have an amazing back so show them off. Make sure they are well toned tho, If you have flabs, aviod this.

6. Hippy dresses or skirts - but must be clingy at the waist for definition. They give a more curvy illusion to your hips. Chai, linda can chop sha! lol! Doesn't she just look amazing in this dress? Not her regular black on black. lol!

7. Thin statement belts - you might not have a visibly thin waist but a a thin statement belt  is always a go to in breaking you up at your mid section. Please do not wear bold belts.

8. Cute preppy dresses - make sure they are a few inches above your knee and they must be fitted at the waist. Great way to show off your assets (legs).

9. Bodycon Dresses - especially if you are athletic, make sure they are a few inches below you knee and V-necks are most preferable. The V-neck elongates your upper half and the slightly long bottom helps to define your hips. Victoria Beckham makes this type of dresses incredibly well. 

10. Jumpsuits - look amazing on you, again accessorize with statement belts. Do not do wide bottoms but make sure they are tight around the ankle.

11. If you must wear  fitted floor length dresses, always remember to highlight your waist. See at how gorgeous Rita and Pink looks. Am sure you can never guess they are rectangle shaped in this dresses right!


1. Dresses with no waist detailing - can you see how curvy Gwyneth is (up) and how straight she looks here? Dresses like this should be avoided, they only draw attention to your straight waist and further elongate your torso. BTW, isn't that uche's nipple poking out?

2. Baggy clothings - am sure with these pictures, you understand. lol! They make you look nothing but even more boyish.

3. Avoid power shoulders - your shoulders are broad enough. adding volume to it makes you look inverted triangle which is unflattering.

4. Be careful with men inspired wears - they are usually loose and only bury your figure, we are looking at creating curves not make them disappear. I was never a fan of this look on Rita as soon as i saw the wedding pictures. Look at how amazing her body looks in the dresses and short (up). I just can understand her rationale for wanting to bury her amazing body in this unflattering outfit *eyes rolling* Please be careful with it.

The numerous fun you can have with your boyish stature is limitless (very minimal don't). As i always say, rules or not, the most important thing is to love your body - not many people are opportune to play in the same league as the most beautiful woman in the world (Gwyneth Paltrow) *winks*. I hope you enjoyed. Do let me have feedbacks - am excited to hear. Have fun!

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  1. Nice article aunt sola, your doing a great job I must I no my nay nd yay.thanks and keep the ball rolling

  2. Tanx I can still b shapey

  3. Rili love love d post bt I v 'tiny' legs....I actually dunt feel okay putin on leginz n shortz. Coz I feel I shldnt Wear dem.....wat Do u tink??

    1. you have thin legs and you don't like shorts? why? lol! If you are not too comfortable with tights ones, wear tailored ones (like Rita and Gwyneth)and instead of leggings, you can do jeggings since they are thicker......xoxo

  4. Sola dear, i tot u forgot about us o.... Lol
    thanks....i loved the details (as always). i also found out that peplum skirts, gowns or tops are good for this body type too.

  5. Nice article

  6. Nice article

  7. Hello Soladunn,been away for a while so I just went through some older post and I saw something of interest...As a professional MUA,I can categorically tell you that the never use black pencils for your brow is a faux...the rule is use the hair color of the brow in choosing a pencil to use...I'm as black skinned as you are (if not darker)and I have brown brow hairs so I use a brown pencil..iv had clients with black brow hair,recently had a fair skinned bride in PH city with very black brow hair,off course brown pencil would look like color discoloration on her...
    Good job anyways,I have certainly bookmarked your blog
    Sira from PHC

    1. Hello Sira, thanks a lot for visiting from all the way. Am also a professional beautician and in practice, the use of black pencils is highly frowned at. Instead of a black pencil, it is advised you go for a dark brown. Yes some brows are black however to get the best look, your brows are supposed to be a bit lighter (atleast a shade), some even dye their brows to perfect this - it gives a more soft and natural finish. Rules or no rule, makeup is all about fun and experimenting so if it works for you, ROCK ON girl!........xoxo

  8. Ok, it's obvious u know nothing about body types yet u refuse 2 quit talking bout them. I doubt d celebrities u categorise as 'rectangle shaped'. For example, Keira knightley is pear shaped, same wif Seyi Shay. While Karen Igho is an hourglass. U even displayed ur ignorance on d issue more when u listed characteristics dat do not match 90% of those u mentioned. Pls quit deceiving pple, I beg u! Nd 2 u readers, If u really want 2 konw bout ur body type, u can google 'female body shapes' nd u'll see wat professional international stylists hav 2 say. Stop allowing an ignorant person deceive u!

    1. Do you really have to use such vulgar and disrespectful words? Who are you really? Am sure you are the same anon that has been commenting negatively on this blog. If you don't find the post or blog helpful, i beg of you STOP visiting or better still run yours since you know so much. We are all here to educate ourselves not throw around abusive words. If this blog doesn't appeal to you, PLEASE STOP VISITING! Its funny how you talk about ignorance yet you call Kiera Knightley pear shaped. and FYI, am a PROFESSIONAL beautician and stylist so i know the pedigree of what i put out.

  9. Na wa ooo she jus used dem as examples now! Y vexing? Sola pls ur blog has been useful to my biz! Kip it up!

  10. The girl frm ph is actually right sola,I red d article and smiled to myself cos my immediate elder bro is a beautician and I have black hair color even tho I'm very fair!I use brown pencil and he tells me I'm wrong,that I should use my hair color to choose d pencil.I use black and my brow looks natural,using darkbrown like. Red somewhere just makes my eyebrow have diff colors...your other posts are helpful tho

    1. Hello anon, well i guess its about using what you are most comfortable with and if the black works, rock on girl! You and Sira may also recommend your precise product so other ladies with similar issues may try. Kindly post the comment directly to the barely there makeup post to make it easier for readers. Many thanks.....xoxo

  11. Kudos Sole..... U r gud @ wat u do. This is d most educating blog av visited. I got ur back gurl. Rock on. xoxo

  12. Like the comprehensive explanation and exampLes they really make a lot of sense

  13. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I'll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I am quite certain I'll learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next! My webpage

  14. This article is very helpful....I happen to fall into this category aswell n everything u stated here is correct, judging frm my personal experience. Good job girl... I love,no im obsessed with ur blog...I may not always agree on certain posts but there's always something new to learn...

  15. looks like if you have this kinda body ,your boyfriend is gonna get charged with pedophillia ..

    god forbid you are short too