Tuesday, 28 May 2013

You loved it, i found it............Rita's striped blouse!

Guess what ladies, I found Rita's striped blouse and whats more - it's actually super CHEAP. Don't you just love it when celebrities where accessible fashion.......If you want it, click for details and also here are reasons why its a must have

Lol! Shhhhhhh.....her blouse is by Zara and it costs less than N2,000, for babes into online shopping - you can get it here, am yet to find it on a our shopping site here however when i do, i'll let you in (thank me later *winks*). Now here's why its a must have...........

ofcos, there are a lot of other designers such as H&M who has offered several designs to the simple and chic stripped blouse. Its super beautiful and timeless.

By now, a lot of you fashionista's must have known the monochrome is so in season and this stripped blouse is a very beautiful and versatile interpretation to it. Check out my comprehensive post on the monochrome trend here

Perfect for that day to night, chic to sophisticated look in an instant...............

aren't they just cute........I highly recommend as a must have for every fashionable women.

so ladies, we have our eyes open on celebrity fashion - if you love it so much, i'll sure help you find it *winks* Below is Rita's full picture and also two other woman who have rocked similar combinations in the past -  one of my favorite style bloggers Folake and Alesha Dixon.

Rita, Alesha Dixon or Folake (stripped blouse, black skirt/pants and sexy red stilettos).......i vote Folake, whats yours??? and how are you loving the striped blouse? are you getting yourself one?

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  1. I love stripes..N2000 is a very reasonable amount+That lady on afro hair is super cute

  2. Hi soladunn,pls I really need a site I cn shop on, for really affordable outfits, cuz it doesn't say whr I cn go to shop on zara, pls reply urgently,thank you dear

  3. I vote Alesha. off to get myself one!


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