Saturday, 25 May 2013

The hourglass shaped woman.....have they really got it all???

Considered to be the most ideal body type however rare, the hourglass woman has always been the envy of all. Compared to other body types, the hourglass is well rounded, curvy and shapy with perfect statistics calculated as 36-24-36 ( yeah, its gotta be perfect). Known to be very curvaceous, it is funny how quite a number of women with this body type try so hard to hide their figure - not KimK though. Can we ever forget this epic picture of Halle berry? I don't think so....and BTW, who looks better in the orange bikini???

Although considered as being the most ideal body type, the hour glass shaped women still face struggle with finding clothing's to flatter their body i.e balancing their upper and lower half without over accentuating. International celebrities in this category includes Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Scarlet Johanson, Katherine Heigl, Katty Perry and Amber rose. Here in Nigeria we have Tolu Oniru, Dencia, Ms jiae, Ebube Nwagbo and Mercy Johnson.

Good thing for this body type is that quite a number of apparel suits you however you have to be careful though not to over do. The most important thing is to go for clothing's that flatter your shape and do not bother to further accentuate an part of your body either upper or lower. Your most visible features are

1. you are most slimmest at your waist - well defined
2. your bust and hips are almost the same measurement
3. you are obviously curvy and well rounded

Now lets take a look at the do's and donts while selecting your apparel.

Foundation (very important)

You've already got the body locked down - everything in the right proportion, all you need to do while picking out your lingerie is select the ones that are most comfortable. Bras that adequately support your girls and panties/spanx of your choice.


Bodysuit - trust me, you kill dem boys in this, all curve errthing! lol

Pencil pants - fitted all the way down are most flattering for your hips

Leggings - sequel to the pencil mouth pants mentioned above, leggings look amazing on you

Fitted dresses/skirts - not too much details, just form fitting and a couple of inches above your knees look GOOD

Fitted dresses - not too much details, just form fitting knee length look BETTER

Fitted dresses - not too much details, just form fitting and a couple of inches below knee length look BEST, i love this most on you.

Long sleeve dresses - i love it when they wear this, it shows while entirely covered up you can still exude your sexuality

Long dresses - fitted all the way below your hips, AMAZING and absolutely GLAMOROUS

Bodycon dresses - were designed for your body, you are the only body type with the licence to wear head to toe TIGHT *winks*

Its all about flattering and emphasizing your amazing figure


Baggy clothing's - as an hour glass shaped woman, chance are you are chubby and petite, baggy clothing swallows you up and does nothing for your body. why should you even hide what most of us crave for sef.......duh!

Hippy clothings or peplums - you really don't need now, do you

sequel to the above, heavy materials are just too bulky on you - avoid them

Illusion dresses - stay away from this. It either ends up making you look pear shaped or inverted triangle. very unflattering on you. To view more explanation on this, check out my post from here 

Too short apparels - they further widen your hips and stunt you

Bell bottoms - i feel this is a bit too heavy on your lower half, however if you can work it - got for it! but note, any attempt to further accentuating any part ends up achieving the opposite

What i can't seem to get over, is the fact that statistics have it that hourglass shaped women try to hide their curves *NA WA FOR UNA O* BTW, there's one of Kim's 3 wedding dresses below (epic)

Girls in this category, abeg you've got it all and am so for you going 'all out' in exploring it. Have fun, fun and even more FUN cos trust me, a lot of us envy you. For crying out loud, ya'll in the same category as KimK, are you kidding me *eyes rolling* Lol! Enjoy your body and have fun ladies.

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  1. EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!@ soladunn like serzly am frowning now, wat's my body shape uhn?and soladun av got a problem wif my waist as day are 24 n half n even UK size 6 does not stay firm on me I serzly need ur help, cos atimes I av 2 go 2 Teen sections 2 get my trousers oya help a fellow sister plssssssssssssss

  2. EMERGENCY!!!!!!@Soladunn,m so frowning rite nw or else u tell me my body shape+ ehn ehn soladunn c oooo av got probs wif my waist as dey are 24nhalf*cantwatch* n even UK size 6 dangles on my waist n atimes I get my jeans 4rm T****s section...#dntevenlaff# I really need 2 knw wah 2 do oya help a sister boo plsssssss...

    1. hahahahaha.....are u kidding me? but you should be happy. There's gonna be a time when you'll miss all these features o, i tell you so enjoy it now while it lasts. There's absolutely no shame in it. I also wear a size 6/8 myself and my waist is between 24-25 n yes am delighted about! Its summer now so get into your fav bikini, cropped tops (if you're not the shy type) and wiggle your waist girl, lol!.....hope this helps........xoxo

    2. Hehehehehe so we are in dis 2geda*tongueout*@ summer I wish ooooo its still killing cold joor newaiz tnx boo, jx wanted to look 4 ur trouble*hugs*

  3. wow. I love this article. Can u please put an article for pear shaped? Thank u

    1. hello, i've written on that in the past, please do check out out......xoxo

  4. Ppls wat of inverted triangle shape woman I hav been begging u 4long cox I want 2change my ward rope

    1. lol! but i've written on that since. My post on the busty girl also applies to the inverted triangle (wide shoulders). You both have closely similar features just the bust size may differ......xoxo

  5. Love ur post! Serzly,I don't evn know my body type lol...I'm inbetween hour glass n pear shape...hw do u call dat?

  6. Absolutely love dis post,m a bit confused abt my bodytype,its between d hourglass nd rectangular,know m d 36up nd 36 down,but m missing it somewhere around d waist side,wat do we pple in dis category do?keep up d good work dear....Adeola

    1. The reason why hourglass women hardly show of their figure is because it attracts so much attention. For over 6yrs I felt shy to wear a body con dress and flaunt my hour glass figure because I felt the attention would be to much but not anymore. I've learnt to accept the attention and compliments,thanks to my husband for all the encouragement.

    2. Am so glad you wrote in on this Freda. Its very funny how the world is i guess - some crave for attention while others shy away from it. Thank God for an amazing hubby *winks*......xoxo

  7. When you have had too much attention even from the tender age of 13 on account of your figure, you tend to do anything to hide it.
    At 33 I still feel a little embarrassed when people comment or compliment my figure and they do all the time!
    I was preparing for a presentation at work last week and sounding off to a colleague in a meeting room and she goes, " wow, u look like a model". People don't really take your intellect seriously when u look a certain way.

  8. actually peplums look GREAT on an hourglass