Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Kate Henshaw's blue bodycon dress....Hit or Miss???

Yes you might have seen it over the weeks but here's where we get to 'really' talk about the fashion *winks*. Now, this was what the stunning actress wore for the Samsung glaxy S4 launch at the oriental hotel a while back.  Below are more images of Kate's blue bodycon dress, but what do you 'really' think about it??? Hit or Miss??? My thoughts when you click, i'd love to have yours too.

My opinion - I DON'T LIKE IT! Kate is undoubtedly one of the best dressed entertainers in Nigeria and i so heart her fashion choices but unfortunately this doesn't work for me. Yes, shes got an amazing bod particularly legs but this dress is way too short and 'young' for her. It by in no way ooze her signature classy style, if she were like 10-15 years younger mayyyyyybe, but now HELL NO. Also, that neckpiece.........was the wrongest choice (necklaces are not really necessary with bodycon dresses, it ends up overwhelming the overall look). Great dress, great body, poor execution - someone that would have been more fit for this dress, i'll say Tonto Dike.  I do love her radiant skin tho. lol

One of the problems i had with Madonna's outfit at the MET Gala (up) recently - Madonna's outfit was one of the best (if not best) interpretation to the punk themed event however to me it looked pretty desperate and way too young on her except the pink pumps, lol! I mean, just imagine if someone like Katty Perry had worn this ensemble,  It would have been an absolutely perfection!

Thing is in fashion, when you try too hard to achieve a certain look, you end up getting the  direct opposite. This dress is wearing Kate and not Kate wearing the dress so its a MISS for me. I feel she tried too hard to show off her amazing figure this time around but got it all wrong. 

What are your thoughts on her whole ensemble guys???

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  1. The dress is nice and she looks great.However I don't think it is age appropriate.

  2. I hate the accessories btw Kate is very Beautiful and I love the dress on her

  3. She's looking like she was forced into d dress. Looks skimpy on her. Defiles her decent look. And that neck piece? 'Katie, no try dis mistake again o'.

  4. Apart from the necklace,i think the dress looks Good on her.She has a nice body And Ȋ don't think its a bad idea for her to flaunt it.Besides,its not wrong for her to want to look younger

  5. Nah! I know a body con dress is meant to b fitted nd all but this isn't nice & flattering. Like it is Kate Henshaw na she hs great body and her legs nd smile are to die for bt this dress didn't help her @ all. Not only is it not just age appropriate bt so many tins r wrong with it nd those necklace sigh* I feel like removing it off her neck, it is not fine nd also not for this kind of dress. I still love her tho :d

  6. I so agree wif U̶̲̥̅̊ sola. A big miss.

  7. I totally agree with you soladunn
    Boby con dresses should not be worn with over whelms the it wasn't age appropriate
    That hair also dosent fit the look at all.
    Total miss for me

  8. I think d dress is nice age or no age but it would be better on someone wit more boobs cos this made her chest looks so flat.not cool on her