Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Blog fan fabulously spotted.......Alice Kingsley!

Oh wow, little did i know i had such beautiful blog visitors o! Lol! So, yet again its another blog fan fabulously spotted feature and on this one we've got the beautiful Alice Kingsley. The very fashionable working class mamacita spotted two amazing looks inspired by two previous blog post - the busty girl and burgundy, fashions IT color. Check out her gorgeous pictures when you click.

Her first look is on Burgundy, Fashions IT color, which she looked absolutely radiant in.

Below is her e-mail;

Knowing your body type (women)! dat wat inspired most of my dressing dis days also  am inverted triangle only i have long full legs ..also Burgundy - fashion's 'IT' color! dat was what gave me d idea to combine d neon with d blazer.........its great hearing from u ..u kno so much about fashion its amazing keep up the good work ...love....

Am so hearting the burgundy chiffon top and she looks awesome on the jacket too hey *winks*

Secondly, Alice is inverted triangle shaped and from her looks below, you can tell shes twerking her body.........

See ladies, what proper clothing/neckline can do to your heavy top??? Its all about embracing your body and choosing what is right for it.

Thanks again Alice for sharing your amazing pictures, i heart you + your hair styles! *Kisses*

To get featured on our blog fan fabulously spotted post, click here for details. What do you think of Alice's looks guys???

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  1. Cool!!love her flat cap shoes

  2. she's a really pretty woman. love her jacket btw

  3. yey!thanks sola i appreciate .....you can also check out my blog....http://leccesroyale.blogspot.com/

  4. Awwww.....I love this whole ensemble.