Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Khloe Kardashian dazzles in colorful prints!

Don't know about you friends but my favorite Kardashian sister is the amazing Khloe Odom - she is incredibly beautiful inside and out. She was spotted in this outfit today and it literarily took my breath away. Her print bodycon dress was by Clover Canyon, platform sandals by Jimmy Choo and envelop clutch by Givenchy. Am loving the colors and the word, #fresh! more when you click.......


Orange/tangerine was the official color from last year and she brings it back so well and makes it look absolutely fresh......she even had it as her lipstick, lol!

If you love her dress that much, get it online here for just $255 (N40,800). 

Your thoughts guys........

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  1. Amazing...I luv it head 2 toe..

  2. Yea me too she is My fave..I love everything from Hair to Toes..she is super Beautiful

  3. i love khloe so much and her dress is stunning. Am getting that dress o. But i love d shoes more.

  4. i thought am the only one that likes her.i love the dress die.

  5. Gorgeous, she is my favorite. pls lord give mi khole a baby Amen.