Thursday, 23 May 2013

Errrmmm, did Yvonne nelson steal a fashion clue from Kstewart???

Yeah, we've seen Twilight star, Kristen Stewart do it all the time, not like its okay but ofcos, people are always entitled to their fashion choices so we'll let it pass. As disastrous as it sometimes get, she manages to pull it off well and overtime its become her signature style. Recently, Ghanaian beauty, Yvonne was spotted with similar ermmm, i dont know, find out when you click

I heart Kristen Stewart particularly when she smiles (which she hardly does, lol) but the whole sneakers on red carpet dresses thingy doesn't just work for me.

Not that i have a problem with wearing sneakers on dresses (ofcos, they are super cute) but on the red carpet - HELL NO! Check out a few couture dresses that Kristen has manged to ruin with her unusual combination.

As crazy as it looks sometimes, i feel she pulls off pretty well, why? She has very good taste and selection of sneakers. Besides, she quite young (23) so yeah, we'll allow

and now, the latest addition to the clique is Yvonne Nelson. The dress is perfect on her, hair and makeup on point but that no. I think it would have made a little more sense of the sneakers were high top and more fitting on her legs (too big). Where i feel she went wrong is - those sneaks are for male and not female, a lot of chicks make this mistake and trust me they are very differently designed.

Certainly, not one of my favorite looks on her, she still looks cute tho. Besides, why would the beautiful Yvonne......of such style caliber wear sneaks on the red/black carpet? C'mon now....

What are your thoughts one the sneaks or hate it?

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  1. I don't like the sneakers and I'm screaming Hell no..the Hair,makeup and Dress are so on Decimal point

  2. She probably stole a fashion clue from her. I like Yvonnes' dress, but I'm not keen on the sneakers *they don't go with the dress)

  3. Honestly,the sneaker makes her feet looks Like dt of a Duck

  4. If the sneakers were a bit smaller,she would have rocked it.She still looks great though

  5. How I wish to hate her but its not possible, I have a crush on her, its like telling me to hate your blog, nice one, I like your style of writing.

  6. Lmao @ those sneaks.....its a big no no for me buh I heart d dress#hey boo ao is u???

  7. I Love this whole look. Yeah! Ur right the only prob I ve wif the sneakers is they r big nd so no shape. But I love seeing sneakers wif dresses don't know why, to me I feel dey r ere to stay nd I don't mind.

  8. The sneakers don't look feminine enough but I like her concept.

  9. sneakers? lol, no... but i'ld say in comparison with high heels, they are much more comfortable to wear :)