Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fashion from the Billboard music awards!

Here are the fashion hits, misses and surprises from the billboard award held last week. More pictures when you click.

Selena Gomez - i heart the neon hints

SELENA GOMEZ photo | Selena Gomez

Nicki Minaj - lovely  n very chic dress. I loved that she didn't wear any accessories

NICKI MINAJ photo | Nicki Minaj

Miley Cyrus - awesome

MILEY CYRUS photo | Miley Cyrus

Hayden Panettiere - very sophisticated

HAYDEN PANETTIERE photo | Hayden Panettiere

Taylor Swift - surprised shes wearing something short tho but lovely dress

TAYLOR SWIFT photo | Taylor Swift

Jenifer Morrison - fierce

JENNIFER MORRISON photo | Jennifer Morrison

Alyssa Milano - love the pant dress, they are very in at the moment

ALYSSA MILANO photo | Alyssa Milano

Kesha- can you believe that is truly her? I've never seen her face this bare, EVER....plus and is she's wearing a C-string ? i think so *winks*

KE$HA photo | Kesha

Kimberly Perry

Jenifer Lopez - errrmmmmmmm, not too sure

JENNIFER LOPEZ photo | Jennifer Lopez

Jenny Mccathy - amazing bod as usual

JENNY MCCARTHY photo | Jenny McCarthy

Audrina Patridge

AUDRINA PATRIDGE photo | Audrina Patridge

Emmy Rossum - i really do love this dress n its by Zuhair Murad

EMMY ROSSUM photo | Emmy Rossum

My best was Miley Cyrus. She nailed everything from her manicure, to the punky hair, classic red lips, understated jewelry and this strikingly checkerboard inspired jumpsuit.........PERFECTION!....... amazing bod and beautiful face. Am kinda loving the way ladies are nailing jumpsuits on the red carpet these days, just like Beyonce at the Grammy's.

What's your peeps? Thoughts!

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  1. Selena all the way! Errrrm As 4 kesha lips sealed

  2. Love j.lo's outfit......its devine

  3. Taylor swift And Miley cyrus nailed it

  4. Emmy and Taylor nailed it for me.

  5. Emmy romson that dress is perfectio

  6. Rossum*.....lol