Tuesday, 11 June 2013

SolaDunn's 5 EYE BROW commandments!!!

LADIES!!!! please join the fight against eye brow abuse o......Lol! i mean, this is just getting too much na abeg. WARRIS THIS???. Okay, seriously now, brows are a pretty important feature of your face so they shouldn't be under estimated nor abused in any sort of way. Here are my few commendments.......hehehehehehehe!

Check out a few things to keep in mind when next you're getting your brows done 

1. Don't use black - i said this the other time on one of my previous post on 'my barely there makeup routine' and and quite a few readers disagreed. Though am all for wearing makeup you are most comfortable and confident in, i strongly advocate against the use of black pencils for your brows. They are way too harsh - instead, use dark brown pencils. There are shades as close to black but not black. I'll try to search for some products and pass them along. Even my Angelina Jolie looks weird in it, see?

2. Never pluck them all off - over tweezing is a common error, trust me - no one can ever look good without their browns, they are dahm important. I mean, have a look at Kim and Tyra.......who ever did this to them was just pure mean *straight face*

3. Don't draw them straight - Jessica Alba is a perfect example of a woman with straight brows and see how she's twerking it. A perfectly straight line like the lady on the left is very wrong.

4. Don't go out of your natural shape - some are straight while some are more curvy, some are thin while others are busy, always work with your natural shape - there's a reason why God made them the way he did hey.

5. If you must get it tattooed, get a professional - i learnt it took Megan Good years to perfect hers. I'd advice to try the temporary tattoo a couple of times and see which best suits your face first before permanently tattooing them. 

and the lady below, ermmm - i believe you get the picture. Hey, Kim has busy brows but am sure they are nothing similar to this.  Like seriously, why would anybody draw their brow like this na? Haha! lol! 

I hope this will guide you when next you're plucking your brows ladies, very soon - we will talk about perfecting them. Have fun! I'd love for you to share your experiences and thoughts too, can't wait to read your comments...........

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  1. This last picture looks like a scene from a scary movie. I agree with you sola brows are very important, if you get it right you can go all natural most of the time without having to wear too much make up


  2. What the hell!!! Are you serious? I have never seen anything like this before.Anyway,sorry to hear you were sick.I have been too busy with My exams to even notice you haven't been posting.sure glad to hear you are getting better.

  3. This is the first time am commenting on your blog,i must commend your clarity in your write up .

    Scrapping off (scary )the eyebrow makes some ladies look like a bat,they are worse seen when they

    wake up in the morning.Moderation is key...... Tosh

  4. Lol*scratch Head* the eyebrows are Hilarious...makeup is nt byforce..less is more biko

  5. Nice one sola

  6. They are really d centre of pretty face*eye brows* I mean. Ure really good @ya blog Sola gal

  7. Grow dem out and get a good stencil or a good eyebrow stylist to shape dem for u preferably with tweezers den maintain d shape. Sometimes with d right shape u might not even need pencils.

  8. Ladun a pwend of myn put dat last pishur as his dp on tym & his pm said "she sits @ d single n searchin corner in church erry sunday, y won't she b single wiv a face lyk dat"

  9. sola always proof read ur work for spelling errors. nice one tho

  10. Hi, pls in one of ur updates, u talked about the contour kit, ow doi get them or what makeup brand cani geta good one?