Thursday 13 June 2013

Burgundy suit guys........would you wear???

Who would have ever known color could look so good on a brother??? Lol! Burgundy is such a beautiful color and frankly i think its time our guys ditch the tradition black suit and opt for a touch of color. Uti Nwachukwu wore his a while back while Peter Okoye rocked his in a just released photo shoot. I personally love it much because you are not necessarily going way over the top yet making a very stylish statement

International stars that have been caught rocking the stylish burgundy suit include

Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson

Will Farrell and Ryan Gosling

See how amazing stylish they all look, Lol! I heart it. Ladies, would you like to see your man in a colored suit (Burgundy)? I 'd love, how about you?

If you're scared to go head to toe burgundy, why not opt for a jacket/blazers like Tyrese Gibson

How are you loving it guys, would you wear a rich shade (Burgundy) suit??? I don't even want to compare Uti and Peter because they both look stunning or what do you think peeps?

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  1. What did peter okoye say about guys in suit again:). Lovely tho

  2. yay...just got a burgundry safari suit for my dad on saturday

  3. Uti I must say looks astounding in this suit and color. Luv it.

  4. Well , I don't like peters look so much.

  5. uti and Robert pattinson shaaaa love love love + I heart the colour for my man