Saturday, 1 June 2013

What went wrong with Monalisa's styling???

That is the beautiful monalisa Chinda looking gorgeous as always but something went terribly wrong with this styling. For someone as pale skinned as Monalisa, you aren't allowed to wear head to toe 'nude/neutral' - it is very wrong. I think she should have opted for a classic red lips  (like Nicole Kidman below) or rather a different color of pumps (like Gwyneth Paltrow). What do you think guys??? Amazing dress BTW!

What do you think guys......

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  1. I think she looks good still

  2. Its still not that bad.She looks great.BTW,Am i the first to comment?

  3. Well unlike gweneth paltrow and nicole kidman, monalisa has a different hair color which doesnt make her look all washed up. For me, i wld love if her outfit had a more defined waistline but he still looks great.

  4. It looks good on her! Would have been finer if she usd a shouty colour on her feet

  5. a pop of color on her feet would have been perfect.