Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Round/Diamond shaped are beautiful!

So this is going to be my last article on women body types. I've written extensively on the pear shaped, inverted triangle, hourglass and rectangle shaped women - which are the most common types, if by the end of this  post, you can't identify with any of the body types, 'my hand no dey abeg'. I decided to write on this because here in Nigeria, it is quite a common body type with women and i felt people in this category could need a bit of help (clothing wise).

The most visible features of a round/diamond shaped woman is that you are most likely plus sized therefore making you have a wider waist. Being a plus sized woman isn't a bad thing as most people would think, it simply means you got double portion of what 'tiringbeku' chicks like us weren't opportune to have - so please embrace and love your body. You'll be surprised at how much you can twerk it! International celebrities in this category includes Adele, Melissa Mccarthy and gabby Sidibe. Here in Nigeria we have the beautiful Wana-wana, Jenifer Eliogu and Eniola Badmus (but we already had her in our busty girl post).

Now lets take a look at your clothing DO's and DONT'S.

Foundation - very important

Spanx are a must have for every woman (slim or plus sized). It is however highly recommended for plus sized women because getting the right grip for your body is one of the most crucial steps to making cloths look good on you. When it comes to bras, be sure to get a really firm one - the more loose your 'girls'
 are, the wide your mid-section.

Now clothings -

Avoid bold prints - the bolder the prints on your apparel, the wider you look. We know print is a huge trend so if you must do it, go for subtle ones like Wana's (right) and avoid large ones like Melissa's.

If possible avoid sleeveless clothings - this may end up looking unflattering on you. If you must show off some arm skin, go for a sheer fabric like Adele's and stay off totally letting it out like Gabby.

Its all about the neck line - keep off high/turtle necks, they further add bulk to your chest area. Instead go for plunging necklines like deep square or V necks. They elongate your neck and accentuate your figure better.

Be sure not to go too plunging, else you'll end up looking like Jenifer below which am sure you'll agree is terrible.

Define your waist area - when you are round/diamond shaped, chances are that you lack waist definition so accentuating that part is important. Am sure you can see the difference between Wana and Gabby below. A-line dresses look great on you.

If you must wear something fitted, play around it like Melissa's pant suit or wear a very good spanx like Adele. Shhhhhhhh, rumor has it that Adele actually layered 4 levels of spanx to get this look. dunno o!

My recommendation - when it comes to apparel, i will highly recommend 2 which is a wrap dress and a blazer. Wrap dresses are a good way of playing it safe around your waist area - the wrap sorta gives it this guessing illusion that sinks you in at your slimmest area (under the bust). Also blazers, for me Kim Kardashian made some of her most memorable pregnancy looks in blazers. It is a got-to for your body type, be sure to keep them open tho.

I hope you learnt one or two things from this post. Be sure to check out my previous posts on the pear shaped, inverted trianglehourglass and rectangle shaped women. Have fun ladies and don't forget, its your body, enjoy it in every way that you can - besides, who's business is it anyway. Lol!

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  1. I always learn something new from your blog. thanks! :)

  2. Oops Gabby Sidibi needs up to 10 layers of spanx ((O_O))

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  9. @ anon 12:40, Toolz belongs to d hour glass shape as well as omotola.

    Sola, is only 2 apparels u can recommend for this group? *winks*
    U rock. Funmi

    1. Lol funmi! I recommended those 2 cos they are most basic. You can pair blazers with pretty much anything (pants, dresses, tops, shirts,....) and wrap designs is most ideal when it comes to dresses. *winks back* xoxo

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