Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Gucci Resort 2014 collection...........i love em!

Gucci Resort 2014

The 70's was my favorite fashion decade because for me, it dictated a whole lot of timeless pieces such as bold/colorful patterns, relaxed silhouettes and bell bottoms. All these are exactly what Gucci debuted in its resort 2014 collection. Amazing stuff, click to see full collection.

Amazing collection hey and really loving the fabrics. BTW, what's your favorite fashion era??? Mine was the 70's.

pictures from style.com

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  1. Soladunn errrrm how old are u*scratchshead*+all I c is oversized wears babe*cntwatch*#differentstrokes4differentfolks mehn
    P.S-@soladunn I got me four UK size 4 jeans 4rm Zara today, babe I feel so happy wif moisef, dey fit so well n my shape hehehehe 2 die for*winks*jx teasing u though#luv yah loads*

  2. i love your style blog Missy..Great fun.x

  3. Sola I'm going to dissapoint u on this one word#Ugly# Don't like any stuffs here! Oversized wears is all I see..I love u Boo

  4. They are quite nice, I like them.