Saturday, 15 June 2013

Nose Job or just Make Up???

Okay, so there has been huge speculations over time whether or not the likes of Uche Jumbo, Rita Dominic and most recently Dakore Egbuson having had some sort of cosmetic surgery done on their faces particularly their "NOSES". Of-cos  mere looking at the before and now pictures (after the cut), ordinarily you would judge that indeed something is different about their 'NOSES'. Well, we about to unviel the truth - Did they get a 'NOSE JOB' truly or its simply make-up as they claim? How could they have managed to get such a narrow and well defined nose? Find out more when you click

So guys, take a very close look at the before and now pictures of these beautiful women. Something fishy hey!

Rita Dominic

Uche Jumbo

Dakore Eguson

Well beauty fanatics, its an emphatic NO - they did not get a NOSE JOB! The only thing these smart and intelligent women did is to kick their (ex)-makeup artist to the curb or rather got their acts updated. The question now is - HOW or WHAT did they do? Its simply called 'THE ACT OF CONTOURING' - a makeup technique.

CONTOURING is the use of cream or powder shades in defining particular features of your face, thereby making them look narrower or broader. International celebrities known for this famous act is the very beautiful Kim kardashian (see picture of before and after below), Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj and a lot of others. 

It is achieved by using 1 cream or powder shade 'lighter' than your skin tone and 1 cream or powder shade 'darker' than your skin tone. 

What this does in reverse is that it manipulates the elements of light and dark - just like what an artist would do on his canvas. Several parts of your face can be contoured i.e nose, cheeks and forehead however for this post we'll be working on the nose.

Now, let me illustrate a step by step way of achieving this look. Don't be scared, its the simplest thing ever! just follow these 4 simple steps.

1. First, you have to decide what you are out to achieve, for instance - do you want a broader or narrower look. For a broader look, you have to make the lines farther from themselves by using the darker cream or powder contour shade. However, for this tutorial we are out to achieve a narrow look (making the nose look slimmer and longer). What you do is make the lines across the bridge of your nose closer to each other just like what you can see from a picture below.

2. Pick up the cream/powder contour shade 1 or 2 shades DARKER than your original skin tone and draw 2 lines along you nose (right and left). Draw the lines from the tip of your eye brows down to the tip of your nose (as seen in my image below). Please note that you MUST only use shading cream or powder - nothing else! Also, ensure that you use a contour brush.

3. With the same brush, blend the DARKER shade downwards your nose leaving the middle out in a top to bottom motion.

4. Now, using a different brush or cleaning the initial one - apply the LIGHTER shade right across the bridge (middle) of your nose in a top to bottom motion (just like my picture below). Things may look a bit weird at this point but its about to get better. lol

Using your powder application brush and a bit of loose powder, blend all together and Vwallllaaaahhh!!! the magic is created. A well structured, narrow and defined nose. See a picture of me before and after nose contouring. It can be a little tricky at first so practice, practice and practice more cos when once you get it, you're sure gonna be a an artist with your own palette.

Lol! am not this light, i just over powdered my face to cover my puffiness cos am still recuperating from my illness and to also really bring out the effect. Gosh, its so hard taking the exact same shot twice o. Be sure to be gentle an not go too over the top. I also used the same technique on my blog photo below

Please note - only use shades specially made for contouring.  Any other product may go really wrong. There are a lot of products meant for contouring readily available in the market

Hope you enjoyed friends, I would have loved to do a video but am yet to master the editing Please let me have your feedback's and even pictures - i'd love to see!

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  1. Sola sola!!! I love ur blog girlfriend! You did a nice job with the contouring thing! You have a cute nose so I guess this nose contouring thing isn't really for you! Had to strain my eyes to see the difference lolz.But its good coz it adds this very professional and perfect finish to ones' makeup. On my way to learning that!thankks

  2. Awww babe ur gud! Tanx for d tips. Wil start my practice hehehe

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  4. I follow this blog daily but I've never made any comment. I culdn't help just passing by after reading this post, cause you just met a great need of mine and for this I love you. Good job girl.

  5. Lovely post

  6. Thx so much sola 4 dis. U such a darling. Pls wen u say cream or powder 4 contouring,do u mean stuffs like foundation?or its a contouring cream on its own? And pls do tell me d name of d particular product.Pls also teach us how to contour our cheekbone.

  7. you simply are the best!
    God bless you and your work.

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  9. Lovely!!! Tanks 4 d lecture,i wld try it out wen next I'm goin 4 an occasion.

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  11. A 1001 kisses to you sola. Pls share the name of the contouring product with us. I already have a pointed nose but I need this 'WOW' factor.

  12. Wow!!! Thank you so much sola

  13. Pls wen u say,cream 4 contouring,wat exactly do u mean,ve tried using concealer b4 nd asides d sleek contour kit,pls wat else can u recommend

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    keep up the good works, we dey gbadun you.
    Please, answer the above questions.

  17. Hello Friends, if you're torn inbetween products especially for starters, i'd suggest you go for the powder as a cream could be a bit tricky to use. There's this really nice contour kit by 'sleek' you can check that out. Also, remember to always use a contour brush to get the perfect finish......xoxo

  18. thanks for this ... Nengi

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