Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fabulously spotted.....Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba!

JESSICA ALBA  photo | Jessica Alba

Its the battle of the Jessica's on this one peeps. Two of the most fashionable women in Hollywood and my fashion 'IT' girls - Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba were spotted recently in this really chic demure outfits (denim, relaxed shirt blouses and sexy stilettos)..........Both mothers and banging HOT, who do you think is rocking in denim better

I vote the both of them. No doubt, Sarah Jessica Parker is the queen of stilletos, i mean she can chase and catch up with a BRT wearing a 7 inch heels 

while Jessica Alba, she's done it all when it comes to denim - she works bell bottoms like no other.

Your thoughts on the moma's fashion guys???

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  1. Love 'em both.. Hmmm jessica parker stilletos I want