Saturday, 1 June 2013

5 amazing lipstick shades as inspired by Waje!

Isn't Waje an incredibly gorgeous woman now......she not just works her body type so well, what i've noticed most recently is that she's is quite a poute queen too, Lol! (yeah, she works her lips very well) and that why she's inspired my writeup on a few 'gotta have' sexy lipsticks shades 

I know that getting a wide variety of branded makeup items could be a bit difficult to access here so i will be restricting my recommendations to MAC - only because i use their products and i know they have new stores opened now in Nigeria which i've personally checked out. First off, we have..........

Purple - yeah, maybe a bit dramatic but its got quite an effect on your face plus its really trending at the moment. Gosh, its been a while i've seen Eva Marcille, shes one woman thats got killer eyes. 

Celebrities in Purple Lipstick: Would You Try This Trend?

My recommendation - MAC's smoke purple lipstick. There's this really beautiful and sexy hue a friend uses, i think its plum by L'oreal - you may check that out too.

Nude - ofcos, the ladies favorite and a gotta have for every woman. Its always a go-to anytime, anyday.

My recommendation - MAC's Amplified creme lipstick

Bronze - very sexy and subtle

My recommendation - MAC has similar but not exact shade in their nude collection however a friend uses and highly recommends this beautiful one by Revlon  called cocoa bronze.

Red - the all time classic hey, there is no competition on this one girls, MAC's got your back

My recommendation - the infamous MAC's ruby woo. Its one shade all ladies have been going crazy over and am sure a couple of you might have tried it. I checked this out at their store in Ikeja sometime last week and luckily it was in stock. Its such a beautiful shade which i've used and i highly recommend as a must have for all.

Pink - a bit tricky to pull off for dark skin but this shade is amazing

My recommendation - MAC's Candy Yum Yum. OMG! you just gotta get your hands on this. I got mine when it was on limited edition a while back when i was away but due to its high acceptance, MAC is producing them permanently now. Unfortunately, it hasn't arrived in Nigeria last time i checked but you can look them up now in some of their other stores in the city. I think one is at the palms right.

So there you have it ladies, 5 amazing hues. Hope you get rocking it them soon. Lol! Have Fun!

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  1. I really need to try out candy yum yum. Waje looks gorg

  2. I love the pink and nude lipstick..sola pls do u knw where I can get mac products or send me the add of their stores to my mail box..Thnx boo! Have I ever told u hw much i enjoy reading every of ur post?? Don't think u knw hw much tins i ave learnt here!! U go girl ur doing a great job..

    1. you also have no idea the joy that i get seeing your comments everyday girl, Thank you. The MAC store am sure about (i've visited) is at Shoprite in Ikeja. I also heard there's another one at 'the palms' lekki.....hope this helps boo......kisses! xoxo

  3. Sexy.great job sola

  4. Oh thnx Dear*smiles*

  5. Hello dearie, pls dese Mac products ar lovely. Any idea on d price range? So we know wht we ar getin into nd creat a budget around it.

    1. They are usually retailed between $20-$25 (N3,200 - N4,000) however you may get them higher or lower depending........xoxo

  6. Check you out, Waje

  7. hmmmm goin to buy all when dey pay salary lolsss.weldon sola i love u....